Pearl rings

  1. I have always been a little bit obsessed with pearls, and around 6 years ago I found the prettiest pearl ring...It was a cream pearl, with 3 diamonds on either side, in a platinum setting. I didn't buy it at the time, and have been kicking myself ever since! I've seen a similar one in Tiffany for literally 10 times the price, which I just can't justify, but am still obsessed with my quest.

    Does anyone else love pearl rings? I would love to see yours if you have a photo! I've found a few on the internet that I thought were quite pretty...

    Anyway, I would love to hear what you think of pearl rings in general as well...Do you think they're boring (my friends are constantly trying to get me out of pearls)? Would you prefer to spend the money on a ring with a proper stone? Do you think they're totally impractical?

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  2. I don't have (..yet) but they're very beautiful!
  3. I love pearls. I have a lovely single Tahitian pearl ring set in 18kt bought a few years ago at Irridesse. I was drooling over their necklaces and discovered that I could just afford one pearl. :smile:

    Then last Christmas my DH (who pays attention to these things) surprised me with a strand of Tahitian round pearls. I was stunned. They're a gorgeous deep gray/green and they change color depending on what I wear them with.

    I also have several strands of "travel" pearls (yes, yes, I mean FAKE!) from Lanciani which are really quite nice-looking. One triple strand in white and one single strand of white gold and brown. Always get compliments on them.
  4. I have a set of pearl rings that are intended to be worn at the same time, stacked. The result is really beautiful. I tend to play with them throughout my day.
  5. Oooh, I would love to see photos! Idests, your ring sounds so classic! And Purly, your stacked rings sound really unique...I sound like you though....I'm a fiddler when it comes to wearing jewellery :smile:
  6. Well, I just took some photos, but now I can't find the cable to offload from my camera! I'll rummage around later today and try to post photos.
  7. Love, love, love pearls!
  8. Pearls are lovely and classic.
  9. I love pearl rings. I like them more than pearl necklaces.
  10. Love pearls...especially the black ones!
  11. If you like pearls, wear 'em! I think pearls look very classy.
  12. I adore pearls. When you think about it, they really are in a class of their own.
  13. Pearls are beautiful - if you love them wear them :smile: It all depends on personal taste but I don't think they're 'boring' either.
  14. I love pearls, but they are so high maintenance just because of their nature. If you dare wash the dishes or put your hands in any kind of soapy water, then you are microscopically destroying the luster. So, if I were to own another pearl ring, I would not choose diamonds to go with it just because diamonds can be placed in soapy water and can take some abuse. Interestingly, my grandmother used to tell me that you should rub the pearl against the side of your nose (for the oils) to keep it beautiful.
  15. Wow, that's an interesting tip Compass Rose! No more blotting paper for me...I'll save it all for my pearls...eeeew ha ha!