Pearl powder in skin care ...

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  1. Anyone incorporate pearl powder in their skin care regimen? My mom used to use a face cream that has pearl powder in it from Hong Kong, and she still thinks that's the reason why her skin looks so fabs! I also notice big skin care line like La Mer and Chanel have pearl powder incorporated in some of their products. What do you all think about it?

    Here is a quote about it from an online

    "Pearl powder is a finely milled powder from quality fresh water pearls. It is naturally compatible and easily absorbed by the skin and body. Proven safe to ingest and apply to skin directly."

    "Traditionally recognized benefits of using pearl powder products include: Healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, and sun protection. Other anti-aging benefits: Helps to promote cell renewal, enhance elasticity, improve circulation, calming and detoxification, protects from environmental radicals, regulates skin discoloration, and smoothes skin texture."
  2. My grandmother used to use pearl powder in her skin care products too, and she had the most fantastic, glowing skin ever. Even when she was in her seventies, she didn't have that many wrinkles and her skin was luminiscent! Hopefully it's mostly genetic LOL but she did rave about the effects of pearl powder, and highly recommended it to people.
  3. Yes, I use pearl powder and I mean REAL crushed pearl powder! not in a cream or anything, just 100% pearls.

    Here's how I do my potion:

    2-3 teaspoons of pearl powder
    1 teaspoon of cream (that's right the freshest and fattiest (10%) cream from the grocery market lol)

    Now smmooooch everything into your face. Rinse after 5 mins.

    Warning: don't overuse it otherwise you'll get really dry skin. This is good for oily skinned people.

    PS: I don't eat it... I think it's weird...
  4. wow - I've never heard of it.
    Good info
  5. Where do you get your pearl powder from? My mom keeps telling me to try it, and now I'm finally ready to give in.
  6. I use it as a mask every week or so, if I don't do Queen Helene mint julep, just mix it with water to make a paste, put it on your face and let it dry.

    It will also work as a very gentle exfoliant when you wash it off, good news for people with skin is so delicate that exfoliating with cane sugar is uncomfortable.

    It also makes a great subtle highlighter, for under brows, cheekbones, wherever you want to highlight. Just use it as you would regular eyeshadow, or you can mix some into your foundation for a DIY "light refracting makeup!"