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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2010

    I received my shoes this morning. Not what I expected. I am so bummed so I'm starting this thread as a WARNING!

    The Perle is more like Anthecrite (a dark silver) It does not have a pearl affect at all.

    After a long discussion with my SA it seems this is Pearl. I sent them pictures of my shoes and yes they confirmed that this is the Pearl color.

    Here is what was advertised.

    I received...





    See... No Pearl affect. :crybaby:

    One good thing. This shoe fits TTS. I am an American 6.5 and took these in 36.5
  2. Seems pretty misleading. Sorry about that!
  3. Wow. That is quite a difference. Thank you for the info, Baggs. I wonder what the true silver color for this shoe looks like then???

    Are you keeping them or exchanging for a different color??
  4. That's terrible! You sending them back?
  5. I don't know what to do. I am waiting until I get home to make my decision. I want to compare it to my VP Galaxy first.
  6. I'm being told in different lighting you will see the pearl affect but I just tried a bunch of different lighting and it's still the same. My SA said fluorescent lighting is better seen but I don't have that kind of lighting here.
  7. Awwww, Baggs, sorry to hear they are not what you expected. I still think they are beautiful though - will you keep them or let them go and get something else? Perhaps you can get a different color poseiden?
  8. Silver is what they look like in the store too. When shopping online, unfortunately there is almost always a difference in the color because of all of the different lighting. I don't know how the stores cant get the color right (or maybe they can but the pearle effect was a better sales pitch) when my little none professional camera can capture the color in the right lighting. Misleading, indeed.

    That is unfortunate.
  9. awww im so sorry your dissapointed with your shoes, i know you were so excited about them too!! bummmer, return them and get something you really love (although i think they are gorgeous anyways!)
  10. darkish silver
  11. sorry bags that's dissapointing as i love the pearle in the top photos... now i am wondering what the silver looks like? i have a silver pair "preordered" at Nordies..... is it going to look exactly the same?
  12. I think they are gorgeous too but I wanted to let it out there before other people buy this shoe thinking it's going to look like a pearl
  13. I'm being told that the silver is lighter. There's a picture of it on the CL website. And looking at it it looks a lot like the shoe I received.
  14. Wow, good to know! Thanks for the warnings Baggs.

    I would still buy but probably on sale now; I was hoping for a pearl effect. Oh well.
  15. i really do see the difference, they probably just didnt relize how sensitive these were to the light when they took the stock photographs...but if you have to hold them in a certain light to like them then i dont think its worth it...