Pearl Marked in Beijing - what to buy?


Apr 7, 2009
A family-member is going to China in a couple of weeks and says she can pick up something for me at the Peal Marked in Beijing if there is something I want.

So, ladies, do you have some good ideas of what to buy?
I don't think I would spend more than max 1000 US$.

I already have some pearls:

I have some peals bought in Japan in the '80s, they are cultured saltwater pearls, akoya?
I have a strand that is about 100 cm, and one that is about 60 cm. They are both white with a pinkish glow. I think they are about 6-7mm. I have a pair of earstuds in the same colour - about 7-8 mm, and I have a yellow gold ring with the same kind of pearl.

I have a necklace of small white freshwater pearls, several strands twisted together. I also have a similar necklace of brown/bronze coloured freshwater pearls.

I also have a pair of japanese pearl earstuds that are button shaped and have a pink-brown colour.

So what do I want?

I would like another pair of white pinkish pearl studs, but much bigger than the ones I have. How big pearls can one wear on ones earlobe before it is too big? 12 mm? (I'm almost 5.8 tall)

I would also like a pair of big mabe peal studs. I would like them to be round with a white gold bezel. Maybe a pendent also?

I'd like a necklace, just around my neck, with big white pearls.
I'd like a 3-strand necklace with quite big white pearls.
I'd like a long long strand, maybe 200 cm or longer? that can be worn in several different ways.
I'd like a long strand of freshwater pearls, maybe several shapes and/or colours together so that it will make a more casual accessory.

Of course I will only get one or a few of all these things.

I find that I don't wear my white pearl strands that much. I find them a bit formal, and also the length on the longer strands are "wrong", as in they are less versatile. They are either too long or too short.

Most days I wear my diamond and white gold jewelry. And when I dress up and its not too formal, I tend to wear more fashion-jewelry. I have a few Dyrberg/Kern sets that I use a lot (they use different kind of stones, crystals etc and are kind of rough).

When it comes to pearls and colours, I suppose ones skin tone matters to what is more flattering.
I am typical scandinavian looking with blond hair, and a very very pale skin tone with a pinkish glow and brown-green eyes.

This is a lot of ramble, but at least it has started my own thinking process to what I may want.


Apr 7, 2009
BTW, I don't have any pearl bracelets. Maybe that is something to get? A multistrand bracelet?
Jan 22, 2009
I have 12mm pearl studs, & I adore them. I'm just under 5'5". there is no such thing as too big IMO.

I have been to the pearl market in beijing twice...make sure they shop on the 4th floor. that's the best stuff up there.

I have the same skin & hair color, & I wear the white or pinkish white pearls. I also wear a lot of the black/gray/gunmetal color. peacock is my fav color for freshwater pearls.

just remember that the pearls made in china are freshwater. you are going to get your best bargain there. the salt water are imported.

I feel the same way about my round white pearls. the round whites that I wear are set in earrings, pendants, & rings. you might want to consider a baroque strand. the uniqueness of it makes it more casual IMO. also the potato shape with rings of life are some of my favorites. you can get rather large freshwater potato pearls, & they look stunning. I am also obsessed with coin-shaped pearls.

I do not favor pearl bracelets as I'm always afraid that I'll scratch them.