Pear shaped coin purse with a zip across

  1. There is apparently a pear-shaped coin purse with a zip that runs across. Does anyone have pictures to show what it is like?
  2. ^ I've been looking at that one...waaaay over-priced!
  3. Yes, that must be the one, Gigi. Very pricey!

    The store does not have a single piece left. Of the fruits collection, I saw the watermelon, which is made of different pieces of box calf in various colours.

    I was hoping to see something more elegant, but these fruit pieces just do not appeal to me. I don't know how others feel about it.
  4. What do they retail for?
  5. Japster- I assume from the link Gigi posted $1,100, but this was a sale one as indicated by the s inside the pear so I would suppose was purchased for considerably less.
  6. Here's a photo from an older pocket-sized guide of the pear and other fruits--