Pear or emerald cut diamond engagement ring?

  1. I am having so much trouble deciding which shape I like better. I am looking for a 3 carat solitare pear or emerald cut diamond. I've always liked pears, but I think an emerald would look fantastic as well. So, do I go with a pear which is more sparkly and eye-catching, or an emerald which has a more classy and elegant look to it? I am really torn and I need some opinions, please!!!
  2. I have both.. and I suggest you go with an emerald! I love my pear.. but there is nothing like my emerald cut!!!
  3. i am an emerald girl through and through. i love the fire of pears/rb's/etc but there's something about step cut erings that is truely eye catching. it's calming, like looking into a clear deep pool of water. plus, not very many people have them so they feel unique yet classic (princess grace, anyone?) imho sometimes cuts with fire in large carat sizes can look a little OTT, a little too much bling....but step cuts always seem just right no matter the size.
  4. I looked at all different shapes for a long time before choosing the pear. Emerald cut is beautiful but does not have as many facets as the other shapes so it does not sparkle.
    If you definitely wanted a square shape I would suggest radiant as I also have that too and it sparkles like crazy.
    Below is my engagement ring which I customly built.
    Please make sure you are getting a GIA certified diamond if over 1 carat & not GIA graduate certified.
    All the other companies such as EGL are very forgiving in their rating.
    Also cut (depth & table) is actually more important then the color and clarity.
    Yeah I found out as much info as I can before i picked out the ring I wanted!
    temp 029.JPG temp 027.JPG
  5. Wow! Your ring is spectacular!
    Now I am considering ovals, too, which is certainly not helping my indecisiveness.
  6. I prefer emerald.
  7. IMO emerald is a bit more modern looking.
  8. I like the emerald cut better
  9. Emerald. No question.
  10. I vote for the pear. Emeralds don't have as much fire from what I've seen.
  11. I prefer the emerald shape but the pear fire personally.
    What about cushion or radiant?
  12. I personally never cared for pear shaped, I'm a very symetrical type of girl lol and the point kind of bothers I would say emerald. However, I prefer the rich sparkle that a faceted cut has oppose to an emerald which can look a little more flat imo but it is still favorite cuts are brillant (radiant) which I find the most traditional cut and shows of the diamonds beauty the most and also the cushion cut which is slightly more modern. Diamond shape is a very personal prefrance and I'm sure whatever cut you choose will be absolutely stunning!
  13. I've thought about cushion and ascher, but they both face up pretty small compared to pears and emeralds. For some reason, I am not a fan of square/rectangular brilliants like princess or raidants.
  14. My bf is the same way in that he likes symmetrical shapes. I never want to change or upgrade my engagement ring so I really have to think this through!
  15. I prefer pear (but I'm biased because that's what I have :smile: ) have you looked at pricescope? They have a thread there showing member's rings and there are quite a few emerald that are :drool: ... but I still like pears :heart:

    Here's my ring- for ideas (sorry not that clear)


    PICT0003.JPG ...