Pear engagement rings

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    I have a 2 carat pear that is currently set with 4 (.15point) princess cut diamonds on either side of the center pear. I am looking to possibly reset the diamond and would love some ideas.

    Right now I am considering setting it in a plain plat band and then stacking with a large eternity band. But I'm open to all ideas. I don't think I'd go for a halo, I like them, but I don't think I like them for me.

    Ladies if you have pears or have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I love the look of plain bezel set pears!

    But if you're feeling a tad funky, east-west settings are pretty cool too. I've seen a couple on google. Kinda makes it look like a leaf. My emerald cut is set e-w.
  3. My mom actually reset her pear to east-west. She has it in a thick YG band that kind of comes up and over the side. I wish I had a pic.

    I love this Maevona setting -- the Isay -- for a pear.

  4. I used to have a 2.5 pear. It was a three stone with pears on the side. I think they were .75 each? I loved how the side stones looked like petals or leaves surrounding the center. I also love classic baguettes sides with a pear.
  5. Love that Maevona.

    I like this old Mark Morrell, though the prongs are a bit thick. I have a 1.5 ct round diamond in a similar setting. I love the smoothness of his designs.

  6. I have an east-west pear. It provides impressive coverage for a stone's size, if one suffers shrinkage syndrome. :smile:
  7. I love the harry winston type rings with the two side baguettes, beautiful and classic, and perfect with your current size!

  8. This is definitely a style I am looking at. I love the simplicity of it. I want my center stone to stand out more and with my current setting I feel like it gets a little lost with the side stones.

    I really appreciate the ideas!
  9. Here's mine with the pear sides. While I love this style, I think I may prefer side baguettes more. Sorry I can't get it straight lol!
    image-356393145.png image-150580313.png
  10. etk123 ~ your ring is beautiful! Thanks for posting it. It's nice to be able to see actual rings and not just photos of them on bluenile.

    I was thinking about the pear side stones, but decided I don't want the center stone to compete with other stones. Right now I have 4 (.15 point) princess cut diamonds going down the band and at times I feel like they compete with my pear.

    The 3 styles I've narrowed it down to are ~ side baguettes, a plain band (no diamonds) or very tiny diamonds going down the band. I really want my center stone to stand out and get a good size eternity band and wear them together.

    I swear my Husband is going to kill me (LOL). This will be my 4th re-set!
  11. Oh I'm a chronic resetter too lol. I don't even have the pear anymore. For a classic classy look, go for very narrow baguettes, like the width of the band, or a simple pave shank. I always liked the pave shank, but dh said I would regret giving up the total carat wt by passing on the pear sides. Eh, what did he know!
    One more photo with my larger wedding ring..

  12. Now looking at yours makes me re-think the pears on the side! I LOVE that set! How many carats is your wedding band (is it eternity)? Also, whats the carat weight on your center and side stones (if you don't mind me asking).

    The pear was my MIL's so for me, I can't trade that in (I've thought of it, but I KNOW I can't do that). If I could pick any shape it would have been a round or a radiant cut but since the pear is staying I have to work with it. I actually love my pear, but sometimes I wish I had the ability to trade in,etc.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who re-sets many times, I thought I had a problem (LOL)!
  13. Aww thanks! The center is 2.56, I'm pretty sure the sides were .75 each. They were a little too big imo. But I had great finger coverage! The band is a 7 stone, I think it was 1ctw. So that puts the stones at about .15 each. I hope to make it an eternity someday, oh my wish list is long ; ).
  14. here's my grandmothers pear i've posted recently with side baguettes.
    unsure of the size.
  15. I love pave, so I tend to gravitate towards it, this would look great w/ a band{s} stacked:

    I also like tapered baguettes as well.