Peanut!!! My new ines..

  1. I finally received my peanut ines from bloomies in the mail two days ago. I purchased it back when they had their additional 50% off and had to call (and basically force!!) them to adjust the price for me. It was only $488.25 + shipping and tax.

    The bag is SO pretty and I know I got a good deal, but I'm a little worried about the light color. Plus, I don't think I would have purchased this bag had it not been on is SO comfortable over the shoulder though...I guess I am just trying to figure out if she is a keeper or not :love:
    P1100182.JPG P1100183.JPG P1100184.JPG P1100188.JPG P1100186.JPG
  2. It is really pretty! Great price, too.
  3. She's gorgeous...I hope you keep her, especially with the great deal you got. Congrats angelisa!
  4. I can't believe you got that bag for such a great price, it's so beautiful. Congrats!
  5. OMG, KEEP IT!! hahah
  6. Hi Angelisa! Congratulations on your bloomies order. I think 1 out of every 1,000,000 go through! Play the lottery dude! ;) You're deciding on whether or not to keep it? Can I make that decision for you? LOL...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At that price you must. The color Peanut is not that light - and I love it in this bag out of all the colors I've seen (Chocolate too!!) The bag is classic and won't go out of style. The compartments are a huge plus. A lot of people doubt it at first - but I think you're going to love it.
  7. ^^ like lovekoobabags mentioned above, i think a lot of people werent really feelin' this bag at first - me being one of those people. but it sure did grow on me quick and this beauty is on my wishlist :smile:
  8. i think it's absolutely gorgeous! but if you aren't sure about it, then do what you want to do with it - no use keeping a bag if you're not going to use it! i'm sure there are many girls on this forum who'd be more than willing to take it off of your hands! haha
  9. OMG don't complain I was not lucky like you I wanted a peanut Ines and had to pay 825.00 for one off eBay!!Get over yourself and use it and enjoy!! You had a great piece of luck!!
  10. Beautiful bag for an amazing price!! Congrats angelisa!!:nuts::tup:
  11. Very pretty and def a keeper. Congrats! :yes:
  12. lovely bag you got here! congrats! great price too.
  13. great deal! very nice. congrats!
  14. lisa, if you do a search for my name with ines- you will see that i went through the same thing!

    i was in love, scared and nervous- hahah it was like a romance novel! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    but i took the plunge and started using her and now the ines is my favorite bag!! i use her every day!

    someone told me (i dont remember who at the moment) to set a date and start using her- and that if i didn't , i should return her. BEST ADVICE!

  15. so pretty! keep it and what a great price. but true if you don't think you'll wear it within a certain time frame then return. what is the return policy? 1 week before that can be your set date :smile: