Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches!!!

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  1. Ok, everybody needs to try this if you haven't already:

    Toast your bread, spread it with peanut butter, add a few slices of pickles (doesn't matter which kind)

    I'm telling's AMAZING!!!
  2. Really? I don't know how that would taste. I think if I didn't know there were pickles, it might be easier to try! Was it really salty w/ pickles?
  3. I know, it sounds crazy right?? I can't really explain the flavor other than it's awesome. The juiciness of the pickles eliminates the dryness of the peanut butter. It's a little sweet and a little salty, but not too much of either.
  4. to try it...:yes:
  5. I've heard of peanut butter and banana but never pickles!

    Where did you get the idea?
  6. Have you ever had peanut butter and cucumber? Yum. Take very soft white bread. One side peanut butter, the other side butter, thinly sliced cucumbers and a little salt and pepper...
  7. We were at a friend's house and my friend and I were walking around the kitchen, looking for a good midnight snack. My friend found bread and peanut butter and told me if we found pickles, then we could make something really good. We actually couldn't find the pickles that night, and I forgot all about the sandwich.

    Fast forward to yesterday-- I was crazy hungry so I started looking up snacks online. One search lead to another and then the peanut butter and pickle sandwich idea popped up. I did a quick google search and I was surprised to see that a lot of people have written about it and it's gotten really good reviews, so I tried making just half a sandwich to see if I'd like it. Two and a half sandwiches later I'd have to say this is my new favorite snack!
  8. No, I haven't...but I can totally see where you're going with this idea. I'm definitely going to try this next time. I love cucumbers, whether they're pickled or not. Yum yum.
  9. wow interesting idea. I will have to give it a try :yes:
  10. OMG no way! LOL This reminds me of a prank my friend pulled on me... he SWORE up and down that ketchup on top of vanilla ice-cream is delicious -- and EW it is not! I am not trying this one -- but someone take the plunge and let me know!!!
  11. No offense, but not even if my life depended on it.

  12. Are you pregnant?
  13. No, I'm not pregnant. And yes, I agree I thought the idea of peanut butter and pickles was crazy.

    But to show you that I'm not pulling anybody's leg and this is NOT a prank, here's the link to the recipe with other people's comments:
  14. sounds like an hor devoure (spell)

    peanut butter goes with just about everything, but pickles? very interesting.
  15. Caxe- your avatar is killing me! :lol: