Peacock hermes bags?

  1. Hey girls, we're a bit confused in the handbag forum and I know girls are chock full of Hermes knowledge so here it goes. What exactly is the "pink peacock one or the black peacock one with the biamonte encrusted padlock"? Padlock makes me think Kelly or Birkin, but being an occasional reader of the Hermes board, I've never heard of these. On the handbag forum, some 14 year old girl is saying she's getting it for Christmas if that helps. Any info or pictures? TIA!:heart:
  2. Hi Chinadoll! Peacock may be referring to the skin.... I am guessing the ostrich? Padlock... both kellys and Birkins come with these and can be diamond encrusted. Hmmm, sorry can't be more helpful, I can't think of anything else....

    lucky 14 year old!
  3. Peacock? Can it be ostrich?
  4. ^^ yes, I can't think of any other explanation.
  5. ^ Hmmmm.... *tapping my fingernails*

  6. well, she is only 14, my 15 year old would not know an ostrich from a peacock Birkin either. My best guess is that she wants an ostrich with diamonds.

    .....again, lucky 14 year old!!
  7. pursenality *dreaming away ... imagining a 14 year old girl with a diamante ostrich Birkin*

    ... HOLY COW!!
  8. In that thread she also claims she might be getting the "Pirates of the Carribean" Fendi Spy bag? :blink:

    Sounds a bit iffy to me.......
  9. teens have a language all of their own.....
  10. Hrm, :confused1: ... That's a weird name for a bag.
  11. The original poster (the allegedly 14 year old) sounds like a troll to me.
  12. :yes:
  13. hHmmmmmm.....:confused1:
  14. :dftt: