Peachy blush

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help me with a peach tone blush

  1. Milani Luminoso

  2. Elf Peachy Keen

  3. MAC Sincere

  4. other

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  1. I'm looking for a peach toned blush that's on the lighter side. I have fair skin but not super pale. I have auburn hair.

    I've heard a lot of good things about Miliani Luminoso. I've purchased Elf (I think it was Peachy Keen) and used it up.

    I have two colors of MAC to check out - Sincere and Melba.

    I need to go to Target so it would be really easy to pick up an Elf blush.

    I also have NYX in Peach and it's really pink, not peach.

    I have a Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Coral and its a bit brighter than what I want.

    Recommendations? Experience with any of the above?

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    A few tricks for pale folks having a hard time finding a blush:
    1) Lay down your blush and then put powder over it. This lightens the shade of the blush to a reasonable level.
    2) Apply a super light barely noticable blush all over your cheeks and then apply a darker blush over it using a light hand in the following way: look at yourself in the mirror and draw one invisible line from the tip of your nose to your cheekbone and one from the pupil of your eye straight down, then place your brush where those lines meet, smile, and swipe along the outermost raised edge of your cheekbone that gets enhanced by your smile. If necessary you can use a clean brush to blend, and if it comes out too dark you can apply a little powder on top to lighten it.
    3) Use a cream based blush that melts into your skin and is easy to blend, and apply it before you powder. You can blend it using your fingers to make it look natural. After you powder, put a very light application of a powder based blush over the outline you created with the cream blush. This helps it really last.

    I haven't tried any of the blushes you're considering. For peachy blush, I have and like these:
    NARS Orgasm and Sex Appeal
    Too Faced Sparkling Bellini and Peach Beach
    Tarte Blissful

    NARS Sex Appeal is *really* light, so much so that you can be heavy handed with it and put it all over, not just in the "blush spots". I like to use this as the lighter layer for trick #2 above. NARS Orgasm is a pinky peach that is generally recognized as being universally flattering and comes in powder, cream stick, and liquid, so you can pick your favorite. It is also very very good on pale folks, but some people complain about the amount of sparkle.

    Too Faced Peach Beach is too gold for some people, but is actually pretty light. I think it looks good on me (and I am pale). Too Faced Sparkling Bellini is *really* peach and bright, but looks great with a light application. Out of the two, I like Bellini better.

    Tarte blissful is really more coral than peach I suppose, but this is another one that I think applies well with a light hand.

    I also recently tried Wander Beauty's on the glow stick (the coral one) and thought that was a really pretty peachy pink that would be easy to blend out, but I was worried about how easily it "melted" on my skin.

    These are just my thoughts on the matter and I am not a makeup expert. I am pretty pale however, even though I live in Texas, so perfecting my blush game has been a struggle. Good luck.
  3. thanks for the advice....I have done the powder over blush to blend/lighten it. I've used Nars Orgasm and liked it OK. I'll have to try your other suggestions.

    Basically right now I think I want something that I can brush on liberally. I have a discontinued MAC Cubic blush that I can do this with. It's a pinky/brown. The MAC online makeup artist said Sincere would be similar in a warmer tone.
  4. I think it will always be a struggle for pale girls to apply blush. But I really recommend Sex Appeal if you want to think about application less, just stop by someplace that carries it so you can try it first since it's actually too pale on some people.
  5. I've worn a couple of Nars blushes but not Sex Appeal......I'll check it out
  6. I'm pretty fair, NW15, and I really like Milani Luminoso. It gives a peachy sheen without being overwhelming or too pigmented.

    A bit more expensive, but you might want to look at Benefit Majorette. It's a very subtle peach cream blush. It's too light for a lot of people to use without layering something on top of it, but I find I can wear it alone and it works great for fair skin.
  7. thanks
    a lot of people seem to like that Milani blush. I may give it a try.
    I generally prefer powder blush to cream. Partly I think its the application.
  8. I'm NC20 and after years of high end blush, I discovered Sleek's blush in Suede. It's a gorgeous peachy shade, lovely to apply, lasts all day and I'm currently hitting pan on my 3rd one. And it costs a few pounds. Awesome.
  9. sounds good and your skin color is like mine but seems it's only available online in the US?
  10. MAC Sincere is a nice shade. I like Chanel In Love and Burberry Earthy too. Also, Sisley in Peach is very nice, I'm light, light to medium in Summer with warm undertones. The colors I listed are all flatering on warm skin tones.
  11. I was at Walgreens today. They seem to have raised the price on Milani baked blush. It's like $12-13. With that being the case, I'd probably rather spend a bit more and get the MAC or go really cheap and get the Elf.

    I don't wear MAC foundation but I think I'm an NC20 or something in that range. Without foundation, I have quite a bit of pink on the surface of my skin. I think I should go to the MaC counter and check out Sincere.
  12. Yes, we have it in drugstores here in the UK. But if you look on makeupalley, you can see the rave reviews the range gets. If it's not too expensive with shipping, I'd say it was definitely worth a try. (But not the Rose Gold, which everyone references as a Nars Orgasm dupe, but it waaaay too gold and sparkly imo).

    I sometimes also use Hourglass Radiant Light as a blush, as it's too dark to use as just a powder on my skin, but works beautifully either as a contour, or iridescent peachy blush, depending how heavy handed I am.
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    I love Walgreen's, but their prices on Milani are terrible. On a lot of the items, they're nearly double the cost on the Milani website. If you have access to Walmart, they're around $6-$7 for Milani blushes. If you're in Texas, HEB also has very good prices on Milani, and usually a sale or coupon you can use.

    Also, I discovered one I hadn't used this morning & decided to give it a try - Cover Girl cheekers blush. They're pretty good quality for the price - nicely pigmented, soft texture, light sheen. You might look at Pretty Peach or Rose Silk.
  14. yes, I discovered that CVS has Milani for $10 - two or three dollars less than Walgreens. And they have a buy one get one for half price sale right now (but there really isn't another Milani item I want)

    Seems they're the only two retailers around here (San Diego) who carry it. For a first time purchase I'd kind of like to have the option of returning it. If I was sure about it, I'd go online.
  15. so I got the Miliani Luminoso. It's a bit darker than what I envisioned but lovely. It's almost the same as the Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Coral that I already had but I guess at these prices, I can have an extra peach tone blush (or two)