Peach color barrel nile bag???

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  1. Is this a real color in the collection or did i just buy a fake?

    the pattern is wrong and the tag is different. I didnt notice until after i paid.

    please put my mind at rest..
    6fc6_1.JPG 70df_0.JPG 7247_0.JPG
  2. its fake. i called dooney and they said there should be pebbling at the ends. of this style bag. i asked for a refund from the seller. even though she said all sales final. it states as authentic but its fake
  3. actually i think it may be real now. the serial is starts with H4 same with the other purses of this collection. i am very unsure. it was not registered so dooney could not check it for me.
  4. Well most of the nile bags did have the square hangtag, not the circular. To me it looks authentic, and the lining is the right color. (I can't enlarge the lower two attached images when I click on them). I'll need bigger pics.
  5. yeah after a few emails and going to the dooney outlet site. i feel its auth. it just that it looks totally different than the normal nile barrel bags. normal bags have a line down the middle and smaller squares on the rims. But the outlet said that it may have been a factory reject because the pattern was not correct and the style never hit stores.

    i feel a bit bad because i was demanding a full refund because i thought it was fake. i explained the reason why i felt this way and i hope i didnt cause the seller too much of a hassle.
  6. ^^It's got the right number of pockets, and the lining is OK. I've seen bags like yours at TJMaxx. The color is beautiful!
  7. okay i feel much better now. i should get it on monday. i loved the color as well. its very unique.
  8. Bayuo collection.. thats where this came from.. its all over eBay now lol
  9. Return it if you are un sure.
  10. I had one like this except the one I had was a Dark Brown. The hangtag looks correct as well as what I could see of the interior. If I had some better pics I could tell if it were fake or not.
  11. I can't remember a peach one, but there were different colors. I bought the fushia one and I still have the pics I took when I 1st got it - I was going to sell it online, but I loved it sooo much that I couldn't do it. I still use it and it still looks new! :heart:
  12. Oh, you know what? I was going through all my old pics and I found one just like yours! The Bayou collection is very similar to the Nile. I sold this one. The DB catalog # was J020 S4 Tan $285

  13. yup thats the bag but it was not used a handful of times. i was lied to. its worn. the leather is a bit lighter outside then from the inside pocket leather. also the outside leather has scratches and is soft at spots where the leather wrinkles. the edges show some wear as well. i am guessing 3-4 months. not bad for 50$ plus 11 to ship.. 61$ cant complain. its a factory second due to the tag on the side being un even but i enjoy it. and i love the price.

    and the best part is i am not scared to bang it already because its already used!
  14. looking closely at your new purses pictures, i can see mine is much lighter from wear. still a great rare color!

    btw. when i was in a store a hanger left a black scratch on the leather. i tried to use a white eraser but it only lightened the mark. is there a way to get it out?