Peace Sign Necklace

  1. I know Tiffany's has one (sterling silver) for $135, but are there any nice alternatives or should I just stick to this Tiffany's one??
  2. Roberto Coin does one in his Tiny Teasures line done all in diamonds. Pricey, but really cute. Do a google search -- you'll find it in about 2 seconds!
  3. I love the "Tiny Treasures" one!! But the price is so much higher than the T&Co...but I do love the rhinestones on it!
  4. That's cute. I am actually inquiring for my sister.. but she really doesn't like diamonds. I think she's gonna go for the Tiffany's one.. she lost a $500 necklace when she was in 5th grade so she doesn't like buying expensive jewelry anymore, lol.
  5. i was at a soccer game, and one of the parents had a really cute necklace on...i asked her (thought it was roberto coin) she said it was Cookie.

    I assume Cookie Lee, one of the other Mom's sells it...I can't wear costume, but it was a really cute necklace. Very inexpensive I'm sure.
  6. I love the Roberto Coin one, its sooo cute! If you don't want to spend the $135 for the pendant, but still want it to be from Tiffany's you can just buy the peace charm by itself, its around $75.
  7. I have the Tiffany sterling peace pendant and I like it a lot!

    By the way, I love Keane also!!!! I've seen them in concert twice and they're great!!!
  8. There are no rhinestones in the Roberto Coin "Tiny Treasures" pendants:tup: