PDiddy's Mistress on Sienna, Baby Oil & Extravagances!!

  1. P Diddy excess all areas

    Rapper travels with personal entourage of 30 including a barber who's the only man he lets touch his hair, a barman on standby to mix his favourite cocktail and a guy to carry his gem encrusted iPod. A choice of 80 suits (all black or white) is laid out for him every morning, he takes Heinz ketchup wherever he goes ..and he wanted to be smeared all over in baby oil as he cheated on his girlfriend Kim with me

    He has a personal tailor on 24-hour call, his own cook, barber, stylist and wardrobe manager. He has one man just to mix his cocktails, another to take care of his diamond-encrusted iPod. And there is one word he has removed from the vocabulary of his whole 30-strong entourage... the word "No". Welcome to the pampered, mega-rich world of rap mogul P. Diddy - revealed today for the first time by a sexy dancer who had a torrid 10-month affair with him.

    Lebanese-born Nai Bacha tells of the singer and producer's insatiable appetite for parties and marathon love-making sessions - and how Diddy (real name Sean Combs) cheated on the mother of his twins before and after she gave birth.

    She also tells of the moment British actress Sienna Miller arrived on the scene... to become her fierce love rival.

    Nai says: "Sean's life has to be seen to be believed. He calls himself The King - and even Prince Charles cannot be any more demanding than he is. He has a cast of thousands to ensure his life is perfect. They hang on his every need - he has one man just to pour his drinks, one to cut his hair and shave him...and two entire teams to look after his jewellery and clothes."Nai, 28, first met Diddy, 38, in Toronto in December when he was filming new movie A Raisin In The Sun - and his longsuffering girlfriend Kim Porter was back home in New York pregnant.

    Diddy made a beeline for gorgeous Nai at the Docks nightclub where she was partying with her then-boyfriend, superstar DJ Eric Morrillo, then he asked for her number... and invited her to his mansion. Their first night turned into an electric evening of high-octane sex. They had many nights of passion in Toronto in December and January - then carried on flirting in a succession of X-rated phone calls and emails. Diddy unsuccessfully begged Nai to join him in Europe in March when he toured with rapper Snoop Dogg. But they met again in London in July when he was in town for the Concert For Diana.

    Nai says: "Sean knows how to take care of his lady. We had the most amazing sex ever. He loves baby oil all over his body. He's the most amazing sensual lover I've ever had." But the hip-hop star's taste for the good life is more astonishing than his skills as a lover. He is worth an estimated £500million - and travels with a personal entourage of more than THIRTY people, some of whom have just one task.

    The rapper is obsessed with personal grooming... and goes everywhere with his own barber. Nai says: "That's the only man on the planet who can trim his hair or give him a shave. Sean never shaves himself." He has a whole team devoted to his clothes, maintaining a travelling wardrobe of 80 suits which are laid out for his inspection every night, and a tailor on call to make adjustments at a moment's notice. Nai says: "Sean is always immaculately dressed and that takes military precision. He has one guy in charge of his wardrobe, another who's responsible for putting different outfits together. When he came to London he had wardrobes filled with suits. There were about 80 from the biggest designers in the world - but only in black or white. The cheapest cost about £2,000.

    "Then there's his cook Diane, who is on call all day and night. It might be 6am and he'll want porridge. Diane is always on standby ready to make a perfect bowl."

    Diddy also pays a team of aides with absurdly specific jobs. "There was someone whose sole job for the day was to mix Sean's favourite cocktail, Patron Silver tequila with ice," says Nai. "He wasn't allowed to make drinks for anyone else. Sean also has someone whose only job is to play his own records wherever he goes. I never heard him listening to anyone else's music."

    On top of all this are his security staff. He has a whole squadron of minders to look after him - and another crew to look after the self-styled King Of Bling's jewellery. "He has a box, which looked liked a vanity case filled with jewellery," says Nai. There are rows of diamond bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings... He has every watch you could name from Rolex to Cartier, Tag Heuer, Breitling. There were drawers filled with jewels. In fact there was so much stuff I couldn't see it all. He has about four security guards for the jewels alone."

    Diddy is very fussy about his food - and always travels with bottles of ketchup. "He doesn't like just any ketchup, he'll only have Heinz," says Nai. "And when it comes to gum he won't eat just any type. It has to be fruity-flavoured Trident... he hates the minty stuff.

    "When we were in London he wanted bacon with scrambled eggs on toast. When the breakfast came there was no bacon and he went crazy."
    Earlier this year Diddy, who had a worldwide smash with Missing You, advertised for a personal assistant on internet site YouTube. He was filmed explaining that he would: "Scream at you, go crazy, keep you up long hours, have you sleep-deprived." He wasn't joking. Nai says: "Everyone thinks working for Diddy is a dream job, but people around him work around the clock. It's no food and no sleep."

    Diddy is one of the richest entertainers in the world thanks to the success of his music label Bad Bad Boy records, fashion lines Sean John and Sean by Sean Combs, his two restaurants and a movie production company. He's a self-made star, born in New York's Harlem ghetto to a father who was shot dead when he was two years old. Young Sean went to a Roman Catholic high school then dropped out of college to work for a record label and stage parties.

    Now he thinks nothing of blowing hundreds of thousands partying around the world with pals including Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Liz Hurley and Kelly Osbourne. He's been close to David and Victoria Beckham since he went to their World Cup bash last summer. "Not only does Sean live like a king, he spends money like a king," says Nai, who was lavished with diamonds and designer clothes during their romance.

    "When we were in London we went to Boujis nightclub and he dropped £80,000 to £100,000 in one night. He buys the most expensive champagne and tequila for the whole club - he's extremely generous. When we were at Paper, another London club, everybody was drinking champagne on him. He could spend £500,000 in one night and wouldn't care." After their first lovemaking session at his Toronto mansion, Nai and Diddy kept on meeting and the sex was more intense each time. He always insisted she wore stiletto heels in the bedroom. Even when his girlfriend Kim gave birth to twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jesse James on December 21 it didn't stop him sneaking away to meet Nai. "He looked really tired," says Nai. "I stayed at his house for a few days and, yes, we made love every night.

    "We didn't speak about what else might have been going on in his private life. As far as I was concerned that was his business and, to be honest, we both found it a turn-off. I was just happy to be in his arms." The pair met throughout January. "Our love-making was electric," Nai says. "I loved staring at the tattoos on his body, they tell the story of who he is."Nai briefly put the romance on hold through work commitments, but on the eve of the Concert For Diana, Diddy flew her to London. After his performance at the Wembley Stadium show, which Nai watched from a VIP guest box, Diddy and his entourage headed for exclusive London restaurant Cipriani.

    It was there that Nai first met the star she sees as her love rival - blonde actress Sienna Miller. Looking annoyed at the mention of the Sienna's name, Nai seethed: "The seat beside me was empty until Sienna showed up and Sean introduced us. I was very disturbed and upset by their behaviour.
    "Throughout the dinner he was fork-feeding Sienna from his plate. They were baby-talking each other, 'baby this and baby that'.
    "They were really flirty and I felt disrespected. It was obvious what was going on. You could see the body language. I just sat there and thought, 'How can this be happening?' What really shocked me was when Sienna said to Sean, 'Oh baby, are you getting all oiled-up and s***?'
    "He was like, 'Oops'. I thought using baby oil was our little secret - but I guess not.

    "Later, when I went to the bathroom, I heard Sean and Sienna having a row and he was saying, 'What's wrong with you? Why are you acting like that?'
    "I was upset, but I didn't want to cause any tension, so didn't say anything."Despite feeling Diddy had done the dirty on her, Nai still believes they will see each other again following his split with Kim in July. Nai says: "Knowing that him and Kim are over make things a bit easier. We kept things private because of her, but now I feel more comfortable about our relationship.

    "I'm not just some girl, I'm his girl - and I'm ready to take things to the next level."

    P Diddy excess all areas - Sunday - News - Sunday Mirror
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