1. Just wondering how many use them and if you have any suggetions for purchasing one.

  2. Hehe, for a moment I thought you meant Public Display of Affection.

    My dad's had a few Ipaqs and those are his PDA of choice. I've never really gotten into them, I prefer the paper type of agenda.
  3. I'm like you, but i find it a pita to have reminders.
    I normally set msn to remind me of appt but if i'm not home for the day its hard.

    i'm trying to find an easy to remind me of things.. Yes i know thatis what the agenda is for but there are times when i leave it on my desk and then run out of the house..
  4. I have a pocket pc/cell phone. Love it. Takes a while to learn to navigate the operating system, but it's great when I have no access to a computer. It operates through cellular and wireless router. Keeps me megaorganized. My favorite SA once tried to sell me an agenda and I just looked at him and said "Only if it comes in digital format".
  5. hmm i dont think my cellular company has a cell phone like that :sad:

    what type do you have ?
  6. I have the MDA from T-Mobile and I love it. It is a Pocket PC (so it has Microsoft Office Apps- Outlook, Word, Excell) and cell phone. It also has the internet function of reading HTML, java, etc. You can connect to the internet via wi-fi or GPRS. One of my fav functions is that it has Windows Media player (mp3 capable). It pretty much eliminated my IPod. To store movies and songs you can purchase memory sticks. The camera on it is pretty sweet as well. It has 1.3M with flash, zoom, and photo finishing. Plus it has Bluetooth so that I can talk on my phone through my car speakers. I highly recommend this one to everyone.
  7. I have a 'crackberry'...be very careful, they are truly addictive, and now I can never really get away from the office...:rant:
  8. i recommend Verizon Wireless's TREO 700w (windows operating system)

    broadband access to the web! (how do u think I catch up with thePF?)
    word, excel, powerpoint, calender contacts.... its REALLY everything at the palm of ur hand. and if u have a lap top, you can even use ur treo as a modem to theter to ur laptop so you can use ur laptop's internet! its a very powerful tool.

    pm if u have any questions
  9. I used to have the Treo 650 & hated it. I have the Sidekick 3 now & love it!! =)
  10. sounds like a nice unit!
  11. LOL
  12. thanks, Hmmm my provider only has the teo 650
  13. I also have a BlackBerry ("crack"berry) and they are very addictive! I love it, though.
  14. I had a blackberry and then upgraded to the qtek 9100 pda. But tmobile sucks and the service was not compatible with the pda so I was only getting my email 1/2 the time. I got sick of that and decided to go back to a regular cell phone. I bought a samsung d600 and realize that I've gotten too use to a full keyboard and can not go back to a regular phone. So, I gave up and just bought the new blackberry 8700g last week and LOVE IT!
  15. am looking for a pda all so , i was considering getting the treo