PDA's versus agendas

  1. I see many of you posting about the beautiful LV agendas and it led me to wonder if there are no pda cases. Aren't pda's more widely used than agendas nowadays? Is it because LV is a french company and perhaps pda's aren't so widely used there as they are here in the US? I'm just curious. I do love agendas and I have a lovely napa leather agenda sitting around collecting dust for many years now since I've entirely converted to using pda's.

    I guess what I am asking is...
    * does LV not make pda cases?
    * do you (agenda users) primarily use an agenda or do you also use a pda?
    * Lastly, pda users, what do you use for a case? (I use a brown Broome Street leather Kate Spade pda case with pink interior. I love it.)

    Inquiring minds want to know. ;) No right or wrong answers!
  2. I think LV does have some PDA cases... or at least they used to. I remember asking about this at a boutique but I ended up not buying one... so either they don't make them anymore or that one didn't have any. I personally was using both an LV agenda and a PDA for a while, now I just mainly use my PDA so my little cerises agenda is sitting in its dustbag. I don't use any fancy cases for my pda, just one of those silicone skin things to protect it. The LV agendas are soooo cute and I'm dying for a perle one, I just know I'd get no use out of it.
  3. My palm PDA has a hard cover so I don't need an extra case for it.
  4. i had a PDA before... but then i decided i love writing in papers than electronic gadget...
    then i bought an lv panda agenda, never used my PDA since then :P
  5. Oh that's great! It's nice to get responses from both points of view!
  6. I actually have both, and I use my AGENDA all the time...my PDA has been sitting unused for a while now...
  7. Vuitton made some palm cases before, but they probably can't fit the newer models.

    Personally, I've done the whole PDA thing and I much prefer the agenda ! :yes:
  8. Even though I am a techy gadgety person and love all of my electronics (I am actually getting a masters in technology!) I use my LV agenda all the time. I have a PDA and never use it. It's easier for me to just whip out the agenda and write something down.
  9. It's nice to know the "old fashioned art" of writing with pen on paper isn't a dying trend! I love buying myself new notebooks to sit in the living room and write on -- grocery lists and such -- rather than doing it in Word on the computer. I do love my PDA though!
  10. i've tried to pda, but i prefer writing. and the LV agendas are so beautiful that it makes it all the nicer!
  11. I use both, but in unconventional ways. I use my agenda primarily as a wallet, but I also keep some note paper and a month on a page calender to record high level stuff. I then use a PDA (no case, just slip it in a purseket pocket) to keep track of my diet/nutritional tracking. I use my cell phone to keep phone numbers and the such.
  12. I used a PDA for a while but I stopped and I really don't know why. I love nice pens and writing things down. There is just something about it. With that being said, I just got a Damier Koala Agenda. I bought the Filofax pocket size inserts and now I am good to go.
  13. I use a PDA and have a small LV groom agenda. I like the agenda for taking notes a meetings, etc. I use to use a Kate Spade palm pilot case which was beautiful but I sold it and now use the case that came with my new PDA since it keeps it protected. I don't think I would buy an LV PDA case since I'd be worried it wouldn't keep it protected.
  14. I obsessed for the longest time on which agenda to get, and I wound up buying a PDA. I wish LV made a PDA case, I often wondered about it actually. My palm is in a hard plastic case so I don't have any designer case for it.
  15. I wish LV would make a case for my BlackBerry. I have a Tréo 650 for work as well, but I hate that phone. My Bberry is so far more practical and cuter too.

    If they had one for the 8700 or the 8800 in "Damier Glacé" (I know, I'm just wishing 'cuz it's never gonna happen) I would pay for it ASAP! :yes: