PDA/Universal Case - have some questions...

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  1. My husband bought me a new digital camera for Christmas this year (well - he left the receipt out on the table, I just happened to see "Sony W70" on it...and I didn't see him bring in anything Sony....sooo....heheh)

    Anywho...I was thinking of getting the PDA/Universal case for this camera (as it's very tiny and, from looking at the measurements of the camera and case, I think it'll be a perfect fit)

    Now my questions.
    1. Is it sturdy enough that a camera screen won't crack if it's bumped around a bit?

    2. Do I go with the signature print one? Or is that just too much logo? (i have alot of siggy print). These are VERY hard to find and go for in the $60+ area on ebay

    Or do I go with the leather one? (On ebay, these are running around $50 plus shipping...so closer to $60). I'm leaning towards a green or amythest one right now, although the black is nice and my husband would actually hold it for me. heheh Are these any cheaper at the outlets? I never thought to look at them last time...but how much would a leather one be at an outlet?

    Thanks so much all!

  2. I have seen them in leather at the outlets and they seem to be sturdy enough for a camera and would be sufficient to protect the camera with minimal banging around. I don't remember the exact prices but they were very reasonable, less than what you are quoting from ebay and I think I remember somewhere around $39. I thought they were cigarette cases:roflmfao: but I guess they can be used for whatever fits in there. Call your nearest outlet and make sure they have them before making the trip. Good luck.
  3. Excellent! Thank you so much!

    We've obviously never met...I have no qualms making the hour drive to the outlets and just poking around for a few hours! heheheh Hmm...I have monday off...ROAD TRIP!

    Yeah...price wise...I think a leather one is more practical for me.

    thanks so much!
  4. I'm just like that too. I will make the drive which is 1 hour just to have a look and I never call ahead because I usually am not looking for something specific. If I am, then I'd call ahead. You never know what you might stumble across. I always start in the clearance section...want to be sure to take advantage of those sales before they fly out the door. Sometimes I leave empty handed but usually make up for it during my next visit. Good Luck finding what you are looking for.