PDA holder

  1. Considering LV makes ipod, iphone, and other holders, how come they don't come up with a PDA one? I'd get one. =p
  2. Yep....I've been wishing they made one for the Treo series.... {{sigh}}
  3. I've been wanting one too for my palm =(
  4. LV made a PDA holder for the Palm V but it will not fit any other other PDAs
  5. i wish they had one for blackberry
  6. Maybe they'll take a custom order? :smile: There are just too many phone models out there.
  7. when i asked about a custom order, they said that small leather goods are something that they do not do special orders for.
  8. Another vote who waiting for PDA holder :heart:
  9. I wish they had PDA holders.
  10. ya, same here. i have been looking for alternatives for it...too bad nothing reallu fits well.