PDA fone

  1. DO u have one? if so, which one and how do u like it? Im considering getting one soon since my contract is up, the Q is so cute but i heard that its function is not that great... any suggestions?
    hehe i hope this question isnt too nerdy for the purseforum=)
  2. I have a Treo 650 and love it....but it has more functions than I really need. It's still a great PDA phone though. There is a 700 out now that's windows based, so if that's important to you and might be interested, I'd probably wait until they smooth through some of the glitches. Good luck with your search!
  3. i have a sony ericsson P-800. is it a pda phone?
    i can use it for internets & mails, and there;s organizers, jotter for writing stuffs & i can open article in words, photo, video.
    i love this phone...
  4. Just bought a palm-treo 650 last week as a matter of fact. I love it so far, but am still figuring out the internet stuff. I was familiar with palm OS because I had used a PDA for years. Its the web stuff I'm having problems with. I'm getting error messages about "enabling cookies and javascript" and such. I think I may just have the store show me how. These manuals are maddening! I think it will be fine though, so at this point I would recommend the treo. Good luck.
  5. I have the same question, a treo 650 or a Q or a Blackberry. I liked my old palm so a bit bias, but heard good thing for the Q. Blackberry is not really a PDA, is it?
  6. From all the reviews it seems like the Q is phenomenal.

    If you are considering going with T-Mobile I would suggest the SidekickIII or the MDA. The MDA runs Pocket PC Windows so you have access to all the pocket Microsoft office files. It has bluetooth and wi-fi connection as well as EDGE (makes internet run faster) HTML and JAVA. Texting is awesome and you can hook up to 9 different email accounts to the phone. Pocket MSN is also included. Games are GREAT on this as well. I am going to purchase MYST and RIVEN for it shortly. What really made me go with the MDA over the SidekickIII was the touch screen. The MDA also has Media Player so you can download your song and music video library (just make sure you purchase a memory card). It also syncs up to your computer so that you outlook email and calendar stay up to date. This also makes data transfer a breeze. It comes equipped with a 1.3megapixel camera that has zoom size adjustment and light adjustment. I highly recommend this phone!
  7. From wut ive heard from online reviews is that the Q runs kind of slow if u have quite a few PDA programs loaded on there. And IMO the screen is kind of small ... but it is DAMN SEXY looking! =)
  8. I've also got a Treo 650 and love it. I used to have to lug around a PDA and a phone - now it's all consolidated, and I don't have to transfer the data back and forth!
  9. I have a Blackberry and love it!
  10. i love my treo 650. there is so much software that you can load into that it makes things really convenient.
  11. ^Exactly. I have everything I need on mine. I'm lost without it.