PDA/cell phone

  1. Anyone upgrade and your new is not the same o/s as the other?

    I have a palm treo 680, it has plam software... been thinking about upgrading and the new palm 750 has windows mobile.

    I'm not sure about the change, anyone else dealing with this ?
  2. It depends on your carrier. An upgrade doesn't mean you HAVE to change operating systems. I used to have a Palm Treo 650. But I decided I wanted to try a Windows Mobile device, so I "upgraded" to a Treo 700w. Hated it. I didn't go back to the 650 Palm Treo; instead I got a Palm Treo 700p. Your carrier may have the 755p, which I THINK is carried by those carriers who also sell the 680. I'm not positive, though. My carrier only offered the 650p, the 700p, and the 700w at the time I upgraded.
  3. No currently they have the 750, no 755. I'm with Rogers..
  4. I have a 650 and the gf has a 750. I prefer hers but only cause there's tons of stuff out there for the WM platform. It's does take a bit to get used to it, but it's rather intuitive. You'll also get 3G with the 750 which will make it much more usable for internet browsing.
  5. i had the windows version for about 2 weeks. it was hard for me to learn how to use/get used to it. i need something user friendly.. so i got an iphone instead.
  6. WM isn't user friendly? How so? I mean, you have your start menu, and from there you simply click what you want. Want to check text msgs? Start --> Messaging. Want to open up media player? Start --> Programs --> Media Player. Aside from that, if you want to map frequently opened programs to your start menu, you can, so that cuts out a step. You can also program certain buttons on the keyboard to open certain programs. You also have your today screen which can have top 5 contacts for a simple touch-to-call. It shows your appt's and how many unread emails and msgs you have. You can also customize with skins to add weather at a glance, for example.
  7. 3G whats that ?
  8. I found that interesting... i'm so used to just taping icons on the screen.
  9. 3G is a protocol in which data is transmitted over radio frequencies. It allows simultaneous voice data and internet data at broadband speeds (unlike the iPhone, BTW). So basically, it's as fast as your home PC.
    As far as tapping, the Treo is touch screen, so when I said click, I meant touch the screen or press the start menu button (it's an actual button on the Treo as well). Either way will work. There is also WM for non touch screen phones. The T-Mobile Dash has that.
    I'd suggest going to a Rogers store and try one out. That way you'll know for sure if you like it. I will say, that WM is the way to go. WM5 had a few issues, but WM6 is rather stable. I upgraded Kara's 750 to WM6 and it's been rock solid. On top of that, I've added other stuff like TouchFlo (similar to the iPhone touch characteristics). She loves it.