pda and agenda?

  1. I guess I'm trying to justify an agenda purchase.....
    I have a pda/smartphone that I mostly use for internet access and email, but it synchs with my Outlook, so essentially I have my calendar too. However I always forget to synch!:shrugs:I really do miss my old agenda, and writing things down. But then again, it is nice to be able to plug into a cable, and have info transferred from one device to the other. Should I get an agenda, or just get better at synching my pda? I really would love a vernis agenda, and I know I'd use it, but is it redundant? Do any of you use both?

  2. I just got one too and I do not need it either, but its sooo cute...I had to have it!!!:hysteric:
  3. i'll get an agenda cos i'm not very good with high tech. never used or came close to a pda.

    go on get it, vernis pomme lush
  4. I'd get the agenda as well. I have the same problem of forgetting to sync. :shame:

  5. Me too!

    I ended up getting a Mono Small Agenda because I kept forgeting to keep up on my MDA. Once you buy it you will never regret it. I can't imagine not having one now!
  6. exactly. when i get in my pen and filofax inserts next week, i will post pics!!! and if you follow my threads, u know how i post them pix ;) muhaahahhahaah...get ready to be enabled...
  7. you could use your agenda to help you remember to sync your pda. lol
    just an excuse :smile:
  8. ^lol!
  9. I would get an agenda. I had gotten my LV one a month or so ago and I just got a smartphone. This way I can more readily scribble things down and then transfer them to my phone later. I figure the more places I have things documented the better off I am at remembering them. So I say go do some shopping! :yes:
  10. indeed. you sooooo need an agenda! lol we're so bad ;)
  11. I had a similar thread awhile ago too. i have been a PDA user forever. I just got my Framboise agenda at the end of Jan. I haven't used my PDA since. No more battery/back up problems. Framboise Agenda is sooooo much prettier! Ihave no regrets!!!!