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  1. Sorry to hear that you were treated like that. It's just awful when you spend lots of money on something and the service is horrendous. Unacceptable!
  2. #17 Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008

    Well, duh! We buy these purses just so we can use them.

    "Who's to say you didn't do this." WHA?!!! Oh no she diiidn't!!! Implying that you -the customer- damaged the item on purpose is a huge no-no. The last time this girl (at DSW) implied that a returning customer damaged a shoe on purpose to get full refund (it had been over 30 days), that girl got suspended. She later got fired for her faulty language :sweatdrop:

    My point is, no matter the reason she should not have implied that you damaged the item.

    I have this same tote and I had to return it 3 times in order to get the quality I wanted out of the $300+ I paid. Each one I saw had some kind of blemish on it, something I knew I couldn't live with :nogood: The manager was alright about it, but did act a little ticked about it the third time I came in, telling me that I could not keep on returning it. I told her that I would not have to keep on returning it if the item I paid for was flawless as expected.

    I would definitely report her to her superior.

    That is not acceptable at all. This attitude she had towards you should not go unpenalized.

    It is known in retail that no matter what: The customer is always right.

    Therefore, you ARE right :tup:

  3. Yeah...that!
  4. Yeah!! What she said!! COACH:smash:
  5. :amuse:
    Thank you :shame: Only speaking up here!
    We purse owners have rights, respect them!

  6. Oh yeah, I remember reading about that now! I'm so sorry this hapenned to you and that you had such a stupid SA to deal with! And she was a manager, wow how did that happen? Sounds like someone just got up on a high horse!
  7. Wow...nice. I can't believe she's a MANAGER and doesn't know how to deal with customers??? She needs to wake up, as it is a fact that sometimes bags have defects, and sometimes you can wind up w/ a used bag (if a returned bag was put back on the floor). Things like this happen, and she needs to know how to deal with it if she is going to make it as a manager!
  8. Regardless of wether you used it or not if a bag is defected you should still be able to return it...period. Unless of course you have no receipt and the bag in no longer available in the store then I think they might ask you to send it out. Well thats what I was told.
  9. It sucks that you were treated that way. She is a manager, she knows better.
    I would report her to a district manager.
  10. You should not have to deal with sneaking back in to do the return on the sly. It is inconvenient for you, not to mention ridiculous. I would totally complain!
  11. This shi* happened to me. You know what I did? I wrote to coach and made sure I put the manager SA's name on the letter. They were pissed. I received a huge discount off my next purchase - 40%. Not only that, but the next time I went into that store, that chick knew who I was, and she was just a little bit nicer

    My advice to you is to write to Coach. Not only will they make it right with you, that girl will learn that she cannot teach people like that. At first I felt bad, but you know what, she needs to recognize, this is Coach, not some crappy discount store. I think she learned her lesson.
  12. I would call customer service and speak with them. You do need to let someone know that you are a good customer and this is how you were treated. I'm sending you a pm!
  13. so I emailed Coach last night and they replied to me to just take it back to the store and send it in, and request that they waive the $20 fee.
    Well I took it back today.... and I was wrong, the lady that was so rude to me is the new assistant manager and the SA I originally spoke to on the phone is the new Manager!!! They were both there and he looked at her like she was nuts and said "This bag is obviously defective, why didn't you damage it out?" She gave me a dirty look and walked in the back. LOL

    OH WELL!!!! But I didn't get another Heritage Stripe.........
  14. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the back room after that... i bet she was pissed at him, but he obviously recognized that you were right! :smile:
  15. OMG candace! that sucks!!! they were super cool when i did this and my bag was USED. what a biatch!