P'd off

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  1. I'm at coach and this new SA is really pissing me off I brought my tote in after calling andaking sure it was ok to come in and of course the original sa I spoke too isn't here and this one is telling me that there's nothing they can do bc it was used which is a crock of **** bc it's a defective bag. I'm so aggrivated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. get a manager!:confused1:
  3. Yes, speak to a manager or come back when the other SA is there. I used my metallic Peyton for one day, and the metallic rubbed off on my shirt. I took the bag back the next day, and they exchanged it for me, no hassle or problems!!
  4. Yes that is BS!!! Stand your ground.
  5. Newbs:rolleyes:
  6. go back there and raise hell, tell them your going to report all of them to the district manager and to corporate if they dont take care of you right now, and make sure your loud enough for others in the store to hear
  7. Ugh! That sucks! Yes, I would just ask for a manager! Just tell that SA that you've been through this before, and you KNOW for a fact that they can do something for you! Good luck!
  8. Whats wrong with your bag?
  9. well turns out that SA is their new manager.... how nice.... but a normal SA I deal with came out of the back as I was about to walk out and she said she would do the exchange for me, but since the manager already said no she can't override her decision, but she said to come back next week, and told me the days that manager wouldn't be there and she'd do it for me.

    some ppl are just such a PITA!!!
  10. Please complain about the new manager to district. That is no way to treat a customer.
  11. WTF is wrong with this manager? Such a PITA have to come back to the store another day to exchange the bag when you are already there. Sorry.
  12. some managers really have an attitude...maybe they don't realize that there's always someone higher and more important than they are. They're not the be all and end all
  13. I must have missed what is wrong with your bag?! Either way there is NO reason for a manger to be rude to a customer.

  14. on my heritage stripe tote, towards the bottom of the stripe theres a big mark that looks like the bag was rubbed up against something before the paint was dry on the stripe causing the colors to smear together.

    And the best part was she was saying "Well it's been used, we sell new product from the back so I can't take it back, and who's to say that you didn't do this" first of all, i wasnt asking you to take it back as new, it's DEFECTIVE and she just couldn't understand

    so frustrating!!
  15. I had a damaged bag (leather ripping) and they tried to convince me that i should wait and see if it gets worse and then bring it back because it takes forever!

    I'd be pissed too!!