PCS My new Louis Vuitton mini Noè

  1. DSCN03311.JPG


    Voilà the pcs of my new LV Mini Noè with strap...
    What do you think?
  2. Cute~
  3. That looks good!

  4. Did you help her upload the pictures? :idea:
  5. Super cute! :love:
  6. such a cute bag...

    i think it would be so cute if you made the straps shorter(if you can) and wore it as a shoulder/hoboish type bag...
  7. That is so cute! I love that bag.:love:
  8. Cute bag!
  9. Too cute cross body !
  10. Awww...it's so little! I don't think I've seen a mini Noe before. It's super cute!
  11. Real cute!
  12. Love It!!!
  13. that looks wonderful!!

    I would've never thought of that!
  14. Very cute! Love it.
  15. it looks great on you!