PCL's PCE Reveal and Other Stuffs!

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  1. Okay, got all of my PCE stuff in. One bag not included in PCE that I wanted to show will be here next week, along with the stuff I ordered today with the website update :nuts:.

    With PCE, I bought two bags and three wristlets.
    I ordered another bag before PCE. So that makes 3.
    THEN, I bought a bag off of Ebay. So that makes 4.
    Now, I have one more bag coming next week, from ebay also, along with all of my accessories I just ordered from Coach.com. So that makes 5.

    This time next week, I will reveal the rest of the stuff, so PLEASE come back. I do not want to create another thread. LOL! But I cannot wait any longer to show you all this absolutely gorgeous stuff!
    Who is interested to see?
  2. me, me!!!
  3. Me me me me me :lol:
  4. I'm here!! Let's see the goods!! :graucho:
  5. I wanna see! :biggrin:
  6. here!!!!
  7. First bag. I had to decide between this one and the Ocean Teal Mia Maggie.
    I chose right! I LOVE it!

    Madison Maggie in Midnight:
  8. Bring it
  9. Let's see what you got!!
  10. Let's see! oooo gorgeous! love the midnight maggie!
  11. What's up next? Oh yeah...
    Only the most BADASS bag ever!

    Madison Exotic Embossed Carryall in BLACK!
  12. love the midnight color! Coach should make more stuff in this color!
  13. Love the croc carryall!
  14. Gosh that midnight color ius TDF. Wish they made a bag large enough for me in it!!!
  15. You definetely chose right - STUNNING. That shimmery sapphire blue will be in style forever, she is beautiful. Bag twins as you know. :smile:

    Can't wait to see the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!