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  1. I usually get a PCE card I haven't gotten mine yet,:shrugs: a new coach boutique recently opened here. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with me not getting my card. I usually do phone orders with my PCE card, I was excited that I actually had a STORE to go to for PCE. Has anyone else not received their card yet?
  2. As far as I know the next PCE event is not until September. The last one was in June and they do them 4 times a year. I know they have been doing an outlet shopper PCE card as well, so that one may come out in August. Its for outlet shoppers to come into the regular retail stores and its usually a few weeks before the relular PCE event. HTH. The only thibg going on right now is the $50.00 gift card from coach. Spend $150.00 get $50.00 off.
  3. Oh... lol!
    Thanks LipGlossQueen for responding!

    I didn't get that 50.00 gift card either! :sad: What's a girl to do?