PCE vent

  1. :confused1:I want the large new chocolate carly (not the cotton one, the brown/brown), so I called my coach store to see if I could get the PCE and if they would do a phone order, and was told no, they wouldnt do it.

    now I have ordered from them over the phone before, but I dont have a PCE card either, but I know alot have gotten the discount anyway.

    I know I probably wont get sympathy from everyone, because I know some were upset the PCE seemed to be for whoever asked, but I hate the fact I have bought from the store before, even ordered over the phone, and I never get a coupon. and yes, I am on the mailing list lol

    oh well. I feel better now:crybaby:mabye

    guess I will have to hope some get listed on eBay. I have money in paypal burning a hole :yahoo:
  2. Im not sure where you live but if you call the Coach in Riverside Ca. at Tyler Galleria Im almost positive the will honor it.
  3. I am in louisiana, and my store has grumpy people who work in it lol. dh thinks I am insane, he will REALLY think I am nuts if I start calling other states!!

    but thanks for the info, I may try and do that when hes not looking *laugh*
  4. Also try bellevue, washington. My friend with no card had immediate success yesterday. Have your item numbers, colors, and credit card ready.
  5. Sorry they wouldn't let you order it. I hope you can find a store that will.
  6. well, count me in as crazy cause I live in TX but called a WA store to order my Carly! Do it girl!! The bag is gorgeous and totally worth it!
  7. I just called (Saturday a.m.) the Brea, CA store and placed a phone order and they will mail it to me. They also gave me the PCE discount.
  8. Jason at Polaris boutique will send it to you, no card needed and free ship :smile: Good luck!
  9. Aw, I'm sorry that happened, hopefully you'll be able to get your hands on it soon!

    Post pics once you get it!
  10. Fairfax VA Coach store let me place my phone order (fair oaks mall)
  11. I used the Bellevue, WA store for a phone order for a small PCE order on new items that my local boutique said couldn't be used with PCE and got a lovely handwritten thank you card yesterday from the SA who took the order. Don't hesitate to call! Just have the style numbers in hand of what you want.
  12. Wayne New Jersey store was allowing this too! Call when he isn't around lol
  13. the providence ri store at the providence place mall will take the phone order and honor pce
  14. Also the one in Orlando, Florida Mall will too!!!
  15. Honey, please try another store! I did phone orders at Tysons Galleria, VA & White Flint, MD. Both honored my PCE and gave me free shipping. Your local store is being rude & unfair. Why should you have to shop around? Be persistant!

    Try your local store again and let them know that you've contacted other locations who will honor your phone request, but you'd like to give them the sale because that's where you generally shop. They should have a change of heart! Then return the other stuff you ordered w/o the PCE.

    If they still play hardball, shop somewhere else for the PCE. It seems like alot of locations are on the same page, but there are a few who don't understand Customer Service!

    Get cracking, before the PCE ends!!!