PCE Up for Grabs

  1. My Dh got a factory one. Does that mean factory copies only? Thanks and how is the quality ?

  2. factory online ONLY
  3. If anyone has a $100 off $300 they would be willing to share, please PM me.
  4. Can someone pm me a code?? I am really wanting the Scarlet Willis! I have tried to get the facebook code but no such luck! Thank you so much!!
  5. If anyone has an extra $100 off $300 PCE they are willing to share, please PM me. I am interested and I promise it wont go to waste :smile:
  6. I would love to have one too! :kiss:
  7. how much was the coupon? 25% off or $100 of $300?

    I thought they only had coupons for the FP store not MFF.
  8. Please add me to the list of needing a coupon. thanks
  9. I have a $100 off $300 code I won't be using. I can PM it to the first one who messages me. :smile:
  10. Gone! Enjoy your shopping!
  11. If there's another spare $100 off $300 code out there, I'd love to have one!
  12. I still need one tooplease.
  13. Can you give me the code? I want to get a Laila. My
    email is erikaclaire@hotmail.com. If u have any left of course!

  14. I really want to get a new Willis and a new Madison. If anyone has an extra code they are willing to share, please PM me. Many thanks!!!