PCE & the Legacy Canvas bags

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  1. So I got my very first PCE card :yahoo:(that's not to say I haven't gotten the discount before, but this is the first time I've gotten the card) and I was hoping to pick up one of the blue Legacy Canvas bags that were on the site a month or so ago. I've noticed that a few have gone up on e-bay recently, but the reserves are still so high that I'd rather pay a little more for one directly from Coach rather than play e-bay roulette on a slightly more discounted one.

    So, can I still order one or have they all been sent to the outlets? I knew I shouldn't have waited, but I couldn't bring myself to pay full price for a canvas bag!
  2. I don't know. Do you have the style number? I'd suggest calling Coach Customer Service and asking if you can still order it. If it's in the warehouse, you should be able to order it for PCE no problem.
  3. it is blue on blue? if so
    it's at the outlet for 289.99 plus 20%
    saw it at williamsburg va outlet
  4. Oh, I forgot to list that was the blue/blue legacy cotton satchel that retailed for 698.
  5. I saw them at the outlet over the weekend. They had quite a few. I forgot the prices but it seemed to be a good savings. I would check out the outlet. Good luck!
  6. outlet could be better savings