PCE Shopping.....What's on your wishlist??

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  1. Mods, not sure whether this should just be in the PCE section or Coach shopping because it's a little of both so please move if I'm in the wrong spot.
    Anyway, since the cards are "in the mail", I was wondering what's on your PCE list. Nothing is really calling out to me yet but I thought it would be fun to see what you girls/guys are looking to buy this time around.:nuts:
    So far for me , a pair of sunnies & sandals but it's only a MAYBE. Can you tell I'm thinking spring & SUMMER!!!:yahoo:
  2. Not sure yet... my birthday is a few days away and I usually get money from my parents and Coach gift cards from my BF and his mom. I'll probably hold out until Valentines though to see if I get another gift certificate from my BF. Plus, I'm still holding onto one of the Coach - CA settlement cards (30% discount).
  3. Silver metallic Sabrina. She makes me swoon!
  4. I can't decide!!!!!!!! I have over $500 in Christmas money to spend, but I can't pick anything!!!
  5. When's your Birthday? Mine's the 6th.
  6. The Penelope Op Art Travel satchel in my avatar...it will make the best diaper bag ever!! And that's the best excuse ever for my husband to agree to the purchase, PCE rocks for helping me that!!!

    P.S. Thanks for the compliment about the bag in the other thread, Tenyearsgone, I'm so obsessed I'm viewing her hundreds of times a day on the site, ha!
  7. The print is so modern but they style is so vintage/classic. I love it!
  8. #8 Feb 3, 2009
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    Mine's the 8th.... Happy early Birthday to you!! :Partyhat: :balloon::woohoo:
    I had an ex-BF who's birthday was Feb. 6th as well.
  9. I never get PCE but I've spent a fortune lately so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. Happy early Birthday to you as well! Hope you get lots of Coach goodies! :Partyhat: :balloon::happydance:
  11. If I get a PCE, I will be purchasing the Large Patent Zoe in Green along with several scarves. I will try to keep it at one bag, unlike the three bags I purchased during the last PCE.
  12. I've changed my 'wishlist' on Coach.com several times over the past few weeks. I'm really trying to prognosticate (is that a word?) what things I think might not make it to the outlet and only buy those things at the boutique w/ my PCE coupon.

    I bought a black w/ silver HW Sabrina during the last PCE in Nov. (haven't used it yet) and am seriously considering returning it and buying the Madison shoulder bag (black w/ silver HW) instead since I already have a Steel Sabrina. Any advice???

    I also want to get a bunch of accessories-
    • Graphic Op Art Cosmetic case
    • Graphic Op Art wristlet
    • Valentine's Day scarf print Cosmetic case
    • Valentine's Day scarf print wristlet
    • Valentine's Day scarf print mini skinny
    • Madison Pouch keyfob
    • Madison small wallet in magenta
    • multi-signature polka dot scarf
    If I add everything up (less the credit for the Sabrina I'd be returning), it will come to over $500.00, yikes. I might need to pare down my list a little more.....
  13. I just realized something hysterical and I'm surprised I still remember this but I had an Ex-BF who's Birthday was the 8th!

  14. Too funny! I also share my birthday with another ex-BF and a fellow colleague. It certainly is a small world at times :P
  15. That is a gorgeous bag- Definitely a head-turner!!!