PCE serious situation. Help!

  1. Hello ladies.
    I just signed up with the forum b/c there's something which has been bothering me in regards to this PCE.
    See, I've never purchased from a Coach store, in fact I don't even own one and it so happens that my husband got one of there invitations in the mail??? I immediately started doing my research on these PCEs and also called te 1800 # on the back of the card and everything seems to lead to the "fact" that you must have made a Coach purchase in order to get these.
    I obviously confronted him about it and raised hell here at home. He denyes ever purchasing anything from Coach. He says that he would be as stupid as to pay with a credit card or give his info to the store if he was doing something wrong. The fight has gone on and on.
    I even posted a question about it on Yahoo answers and someone replyed by saying that sometimes Coach as well as other companies pay to have these mailed out to those who make a certain amt of money per year???
    I want to believe him and leave it in the past, but I just can't... How exactly does the store collect your info in order to send you these PCE cards?
    I even contacted the Coach website customer service, but still no answer.
    Any input will be very appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
  2. PCE stands for Preferred Customer Event. As far as I know, PCE is sent out only to select customers. It is completely random and many who have purchased quite a bit from the company do not end up receiving one. I have been told by my SA that the cards are sent out from the corporate office to those cutomers that have spent over a certain amount of money in the boutiques, not the outlets(although they did have a PCE for outlet customers in Nov. That even was for those who either had shopped in the outlets or hadn't shopped for a long time). BUT I have seen much dispute over this. I know that I did not receive one until I purchased something and my information was entered onto their system. I don't know how they would have your husband's information had he not made a purchase. It doesn't make sense to me.

    Edit: When you purchase, they ask you for your info and also ask if you would like to be on their mailing/email list. Was the card addressed to him?
  3. I agree with biggestbaglover. They can't just have your information in the Coach system unless someone gave that info to them. Not that I am complaining.. I wish they send PCE invite to me more often!!!

  4. Is it possible that he had bought something for you from Coach at one time and then changed his mind and returned it?
  5. Do you think that perhaps he secretly bought you something for Christmas or a birthday and that is why he ended up receiving a PCE?

    The only way they could send it out is if he was in the store and gave them information.
  6. No, I'm sure he ddn't buy it for me not even as a surprise b/c he knows I am not interested in Coach. I also want to think that he wouldn't be stupid enough to give his info to the store.
    I don't know what to think any more> I've never gone through anything like this.
    P.S. Yes, the card was addressed to him.
  7. Kassy,
    Send me a PM because I am not able to send one to you. I know how you can find out!
  8. Im sorry... i havent heard of anyone getting a PCE without having purchased at Coach. But maybe its possible? I think that if you call the 1-800 number on the website (or make him do it) and then give his name, etc. they might be able to look up the previous purchases associated with that name. Ive done that before when we started getting a catalog that none of us had ever ordered from just to figure out why we were getting it. They were able to look up and see that no purchases had been made under either of our names and the catalog was sent by mistake somehow. Hope that helps.
  9. Wow! We think the exact same way glamgirl! This is what I wanted to tell you Kassy. I phoned Coach and they were able to look up all my purchases through my information. Phone their number 1-800-444-3611 and press 1 for customer service. They will then be able to look up the information for your address and tell you if any purchases were made and what they were. Good luck to you! I hope it is a mistake on Coach's part!
  10. I can't figure out how to PM you. Never mind, I guess you answered already
  11. When I first read this I was thinking (I know it's horrbile, but you never know) that he bought something for another person... Ya never know...

    Let us know what you find out!
  12. Good luck to you.. I hope it's just a mistake from Coach :flowers:
  13. I hope that what you may be suspecting is not happening, I truly hope it is a mistake and you should def call JAX to find out for sure.
  14. Thanks ladies. I tried that, but they said that they're not allowed to give me info on someone else's purchases. I wish I knew a male I can trust with this so he can call for me. I don't think I want to make him call b/c if it was indeed a mistake he is really going to be pissed that I put us through this b/c of this.
    I wonder if the'll do this for me if I call back and just give them my home address.
    Let me try that.
  15. I may have a solution for you, click on my username and send me an email.