PCE - Satchel? What Color?


Which color Legacy Satchel?

  1. Black

  2. Natural

  3. Khaki

  4. Brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I can't think of anything I can justify spending the money on right now...but getting a $698 satchel for 25% off would be such a good deal...If I did, what color should I get (look at my collection pics and list and remember a couple are not pictured)?
  2. Geranium!!!!!!
  3. no! i'm waiting on confirmation that mine will be shipped! :p
  4. Here are the pics - this is the Legacy Satchel.
    satblk.jpg satbrn.jpg satkhak.jpg satnat.jpg
  5. LOL Court, I'm after one myself so was thinking the same thing. I think you need some color - pond or geranium if you can snag one.
  6. I'd go for the natural. Very nice bag!
  7. It comes in geranium???
  8. haha! it will, I have faith!
  9. OP, go for the whiskey or pond....both excellent choices

    just bc its not on coach.com doesn't mean those colors can't be ordered, ask the sa at the store to look
  10. i'm sweating it. it's paid for, but that doesn't mean i'll get it!:sweatdrop:

  11. Yeah, there were a limited number of them made for Hawaii's fashion week. If you call Coach CS you can order one or get the style number and order it through the store so you can use your PCE on it. I bought mine at the full price. It would have been so much cheaper with PCE! But I couldn't risk them selling out. *L*
  12. Get Pool! It's so pretty. It would look amazing with your coloring.
  13. ok, everyone stop ordering geranium until our dear Kallison gets hers! :yes:

    haha, I'm trying! :heart:
  14. Just make sure to give it a careful once over when you receive it. The first one I got had filthy hardware and it was all scratched up. Plus there was a pen mark on the leather and it looked dirty. It looked like someone had used it, and then returned it. So I had to take it back and order another one. The second one was much better.
  15. I LOVE the satchel in brown, but if you can get it, I would go for the pond or geranium.....after kallison gets hers of course.