PCE Questions

  1. Since this is my first time getting a card, I still have 2 lingering questions:

    1. If I get mulituple items, is the 25% off each item? Or off the total of say all 3 items?

    2. If I wanna send a gift, can I order it in the store and have it shipped to someone house and still get a discount? Is that allowed?

    Thanks! : )
  2. 1. yes. the discount will list under each item on the receipt.
    no matter how many items you buy, you will get 25% off.
    2. unless the item is out of stock at the store, Coach SA will order for you and ship to you or to a different address. You will still get the discount.
    But if Coach store has the item, they won't send the item to someone's house. You'll have to send it yourself.
    from my past experience^^
  3. For the second question, last PCE I bought my aunt a wristlet and even though they had it in the store they ordered it from JAX and had it shipped to her house. I don't know how every boutique does it but that's what mine did for me. It can be done but it just depends on the boutique.
  4. mine will order from jax if i want them too and ship to the store so my mom doesn't find out...but its up to the store...
  5. Each store does things differently. For example, on the PCE discount card it states that phone orders are exlcuded. However, my store will take phone orders and honor the PCE discount, plus even include free shipping (have to ask for this though). At least that's what they've done for me during the last two PCE events since the store is usually too crowded and sells out of most things by the time I manage to get to the store. Also, I just did a "pre-sale" for the PCE event with my SA on two items that were limited in quantity/nearly sold out.