PCE Questions

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I just got a phone message from my Coach store inviting me to come to the PCE, but the thing is I havent gotten anything in the mail yet. Is this a problem? lol,, please say no. Second question, is the 25% off good for one item or your entire purchase? Thanks in Advance! Melissa
  2. it's good for your entire purchase. my sa's usually let me keep the card and use it again. :tup:
  3. If you don't get the card for whatever reason just tell the SA that you got the call. They will honor it.
  4. I got a PCE invite (yay!)

    now .. on the back it says it's for a one time use --- I planned on using it and then "leaving it on the counter" for the "best bf ever" in hopes he'd pick it up and use it.. is my plan going to work? :smile: