PCE questions, comments, issues here please!!!

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  1. There's just too mnay PCE related threads floating about.
    Please post any questions or comments you have about PCE here.
    The fantastic Coach gals will be happy to pop in and help:yes:

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. thank you muchly, swanky! less headache for us all!
  3. :welcome:
  4. swanky....thank yous for this sticky/thread are just not enough!
  5. Swanky, YOU RULE. THANK YOU SO MUCH. :heart:
  6. i'm so excited i was invited to mine first pce event!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. yay congrats princesslisa!!!!
  8. yay for swanky and yay for pce!! :party:
  9. Oh sorry I didn't see this before I posted a thread about the PCE invite over the phone.
  10. :okay:ace thread!!!
  11. I'm going to place my PCE order today. I'm for sure getting a red patent Ergo tote and possibly some shoes.
  12. :tup: for this sticky!!!

    :tdown: for PCE.....the one time I actually have stuff that I need (read: "want") to get, I don't get an invite. I know I still have a few days to possibly get one, but I've given up hope....:crybaby:
  13. :woohoo:for this thread!
  14. Thanks for this thread!

    I got my very first PCE yesterday! It was quite a surprise! Now of course I've been scouring here & the Coach site to figure out what to get! I was considering a Signature Stripe Tote, but I just got the Denim one. Or to go for a more pricey bag like a Legacy? Argh, I'm having panic attacks!

    I'm going to try to stop by tomorrow to see if they'll let me order something or if it has to be in stock. I don't know the SA's very well yet, I usually frequent the Outlets & have only recently started buying at the Boutique. So I have know idea how they handle things.
  15. I bought the Ergo Patchwork Tote about a month ago but never took the tag off (not planning on using it until fall). Should I return it and repurchase it at the PCE?