PCE question

  1. I'm going back for more...

    The only problem is that I want something in particular at the store. If they don't have it in stock but is still online, will they order it for me? Or do I have to find a store that has it?

  2. As long as it's not part of the new fall items not yet released (bleaker, etc), then you can have them order for you. Especially if it's still on the website. I ordered a sig stripe in a color they didn't have out yet....should be here tomorrow!
  3. Exactly, when I went yesterday I wasn't sure about getting the Leigh in citron and they checked and said I could order it in green or raisin, two colors that haven't officially come out yet. I had to order all of my stuff - they only had a wristlet and lanyard in the store in the colors that i wanted. If they have it in stock, they will order it for you. Mine didn't charge shipping, either. I don't know if it is a standard practice to waive shipping or if they were just being nice.
  4. Update

    I went in last night with my list. Of course, they didn't have most of the stuff on the list in the store. The store looked pretty picked over with mostly the expensive items as well as the standards being in stock.

    They initially tried to tell me they didn't carry the wallet in that style but I had printed out my wishlist with the item number on it. The SA then went in the back to try to look for it (for a long period of time). Then, she finally asked me if I wanted to order it. What a PITA! I'm not sure if this was a bad SA but there were two other SA's in the store that didn't really help. I was going to get a swingpack (didn't really need but kinda wanted) but decided against after not being treated like the QUEEN that I am.

    Glad I got the wallet thought 'cause I probably would have regreted it!
  5. I didn't have a relationship with my SA prior to this sale, either. But I called ahead of time to "make an appointment" and she was all over me while I was in the store, not in an annoying way at all, just really attentive. She kept bringing new stuff that they isn't out yet to show me and let me order the Tattersall tote (which is technically excluded) with the discount. My suggestion is to call ahead and make an appointment. Tell her the things you're considering and she'll have them ready and waiting for you. Good luck!!
  6. No...how come my store didn't let me do that!!