PCE question

  1. well I got my PCE invite in march but gosh darn me i didnt use it! Do i have to buy something again to qualify for it again or will they just send me another invite when the next one rolls around? Thanks!
  2. first of all, do a board search because there are very similar topics that have already been talked about.

    second, just because you got a pce card one time does NOT guarantee you'll get another. in fact, there is no set ammount or any realy qualifications for PCE. its randomly selected through headquarters and not through your store.
  3. I always get a PCE card and have even skipped shopping at one (that must have been when I was kidnapped by aliens) and still gotten a card for the next event. I guess there is no set rules. It is up to the whims of the Powers That Be at Coach. Good Luck!