PCE Question

  1. OK I have my card and have been browsing to decide what to purchase at the Event. :smile:

    I really want stuff from the WaterColor Collection, but they don't come out in stores until 03/30.

    Can I pre-order these at the store tomorrow and use the PCE? They are available online now - can I use the PCE card online or over the phone??
  2. I ordered the watercolor scarves. They were able to get them both. Good luck.
  3. You have to go to the boutique. Technically, only items in the store are available for purchase with the PCE.
  4. if it is something eligible for PCE that they dont have in the store then they can order it for you and ship it to you.
  5. Watercolor is not eligible for the PCE event because it's not featured on the website (ie. you have to search for it). It's also a 4/1 release.
  6. Some stores let you.. Mine did
  7. Hence the word "technically"...
  8. My store and various other stores in my region let me. Shrug.
  9. if you type in the word " watercolor" on coach .com , you find some water color stuff.