PCE question...might be stupid BUT

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  1. How do you get one?? What do I have to do? LOL!!
  2. I cheated...I bought one on Ebay for $9.99 shipped....
  3. You give Coach your email add. and some say that it depends on your shopping history.But that is not always the case.You could be a customer for many years and not get one, then you could have purchased 1 bag and get one.So it really is random.
  4. We are all still trying to figure out the secrets of PCE! Someone gave me theirs b/c I wasn't going to get one and I replied to Coach saying that I spend money in Coach and I plan to buy things and I got a different kind of coupon the day after PCE started. So who knows!!!
  5. Ask for the discount at your botique. Mine will give me one.
  6. My co-worker went in a demanded the discount after I got mine in late April. This time, she got one, too.
  7. I got one after I bought my first bag. Then I bought something with it and got another one use that and just got my third and used that one. I am hoping to get one again before Christmas. I thought all you had to do was use them and they would keep sending them.
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    i dont think there is anything you have to do because its randomly selected. i would make sure that everytime you purchase you give your email (the same email every time). i know my SA's at the FP store will give it even if you dont have it, because just knowing about it seems to be enough to be qualified for it.

    ETA: my purchasing habits are very small purchases over the course of a year. i mainly am addicted to the leather fobs and stalk them in outlets. i have only bought once in FP and it was a keyfob. i have a few bags on client tracker so i think that has helped.
  9. I got (2), 0ne for each of my email addresses...
  10. not every event is for the same customer so that makes it confusing

    sometimes they target high ballers

    sometimes low ballers

    sometimes shoppers who haven't shopped in awhile

    they've even targeted outlet shoppers

    if they don't have your info there's no way they can invite you ;)

  11. ..in other words its a crap shoot as to who gets them. I've bought all of those you've listed (maybe not high baller) and never got PCE. :biggrin:
  12. Two years ago, my sister came here (the US) for a visit and she shopped at Coach Factory store once. She gave them her email address. Last week she got ePCE through email and she doesn't even live in the US. It's really confusing and hard to figure out the way it works I guess. :P It's totally random.:confused1: