PCE purchases and opinions?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I ahve been MIA for a bit. Work has been kicking me in the behind and I ahve a few conferences coming up. On top of lots of school and dance related things for my daughter.

    Well, since the PCE was ending soon I made myself go to Coach last night to use it. I did not get a new bag like I was hoping (my last purchase was the legacy satche in whiskey in Dec.) I am hoping that when the summer stuff somes out that something will appeal to me more.

    But I couldn't let the PCE go by without buying something right? So here is what I got:

    Orange flower coin purse for me (I love these and ahve a lime one from the original series. I wish I had gotten other fruit ones)

    lilac extara long skinny scarf for me
    pink flower coin purse for my daughter's tap teacher
    pink flower coin purse for my daughter's jazz teacher
    yellow flower coin purse for my daughter's cheer dance teacher
    black sig multi function wallet for her ballet teacher
    punch skinny mini for one of the asst. teachers
    kahki sig skinny mini for 2nd asst. teacher
    black sig skinny mini for 3rd asst. teacher

    pond legacy wallet for me.

    needless to say dance is VERY important to my daughter and we always get her teacher's something nice for the end of the year gift. I don't normally buy all of the gifts at once but since I was doing coach this year and I had the PCE i thought I should save some money while i could. My problem is that now I feel guilty about getting the coin purse, wallet and scarf for myself. I always have a hard time spending money on wallets. I ahve about 3 wallets from years past and for the most part they are basic enough that I can use them for nearly any bag I have.

    So, I am thinking about taking back the pond wallet. What do you all think? I ahve had it for a day now and I like it. (I have a bag from last year that it compliments nicely as well) but it doesn't 100% go with my legacy satchel and every time I look at it I just think "here is $150 that I could use towards a bag or even my cable bill."

    Thoughts? Should I take it back? I have been wanting a new wallet for a while but have not found anything that I really really love. But I am so tired of using my old wallets. UGH!!!

    Sorry for the rant. I do love my orange coin purse. there is not guilt with that purchase at all.

  2. Wow, you did an excellent job of getting all your gifts done in one shot, and saving 25% on them! So I don't think you should feel guilty about spending the other money on yourself. You could think of the money you saved on the gifts as having been put towards your wallet.

    BUT if you don't really LOVE the wallet, then definitely return it or exchange it for something you do love. But if you DO decide you love it, then don't return it just out of guilt. You deserve to have a wallet that makes you happy since you have to look at it all the time.

    Edited to add: If I start feeling a little nagging guilt, I just plug my ears and sing "LA LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" until it goes away.
  3. :wtf: You got her dance teachers Coach gifts??? Why couldn't your daughter been one of my students?!?!? Not that I'm ungrateful... but all I ever got was alot of candles, mugs, frames, dance ornaments... etc. It is the thought that counts though. :yes:

    Anyhow - great choices!! And I KNOW your daughter's dance teachers will love their gifts!! ;)
  4. Keep it! and you DD's teachers are lucky ladies
  5. Firs toff thank you for all of your comments and opinions. I think I am going to keep the wallet for a few days and use it around the house and for light erands. I will decide to keep of return it in a week or so.

    On the Coach dance gifts...DD has been dancing since she was 2.5. She is now 8.5. She has had each of these teachers for a min of 4 years. I know they do not make alot of money and they ALWAYS get candles, frames, etc. from the other students. After a while a girl has got to say how many frames does one person need?

    She spends a min of 4 or 5 hours a week with her dance teachers and they are just as important to her and us as her friends, school teachers and to some degree family.

    I know that dance teachers work very hard and don't always get paid that well. I like to reward them and thank them for all that they have done and will do for my daughter. This is the first year I got them Coach items. Last year they got itunes gift cards but I like to get something just for them.

    bags4bubbles-if ever we move to Michigan we will be at the studio you teach :smile:

    Thanks again