PCE Purchase Reveal

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  1. That is a beauty! You do love your Phoebe's! Congratulations and enjoy--especially because you didn't pay FP!
  2. Very pretty color!! Enjoy your new Phoebe!!
  3. Congrats beautiful color.
  4. Love this color!! As I said, you can rock the Phoebes!. Congrats. I can't wait to see mod pics.
  5. Goooooorgeous. Love that color. Enjoy!
  6. Pretty! Congrats!
  7. Congrats, love the color:smile:
  8. I saw this color in the store and it is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  9. Beautiful color! Is this w/ gold hw? I can't tell.
    What # phoebe is this one?
  10. Yay Phoebe!! She is beautiful! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  11. Omg!! That blue!! Congratulations!
  12. Gorgeous bag!!!!
    This blue is so beautiful!
  13. Beautiful color! Love this one.
  14. Ooh, phoebe in this color is gorgeous. Congrats!
    This one is going on my wish list.