PCE Ponders

  1. Im kinda new around here and definately new to this PCE thing... I just had a couple of questions.

    Does Coach actually allow you to share the PCE card with someone (u know that how ppl on here pass them on if they are not using them)?

    Are the cards tracked? (Like is there a name or number on them?)

    Do people get called everytime they have a card coming in the mail? Ive been waiting for one but no card and no call so I was wondering...

  2. Some SA's allow you to share if you're shopping together. My store let me have PCE even though I didn't bring my card. Just depends on the store.

    The cards this time around were inside an envelope, so they are all the same barcodes and everything.

    I did not get a call about PCE, but I received a card in the mail. Again, depends on the store whether they call or not.
  3. Thank you...:flowers:

    Do you think that if I could get someone to send one to me (I dont know if there are any left) but if I could would it be honored?
  4. I've never heard of anyone on here having issues with getting a card from a friend except for one instance in Canada. Gals have shared their cards during past PCEs and not had any problems at all. You can also try going into a store and mentioning PCE. Sometimes they'll give you the discount without the card.
  5. my SA called me about the PCE coming on Monday before I received the card.
    he can even do presale for me.
    you can try to call some Coach stores. most of the SAs are nice and they might give you the PCE discount.
    or PM me if you live in LA. I can give you my SA's name~
  6. I just talked to a super nice salesgirl at the Ross Park store--I told her that I have gotten called and received calls every PCE except this one. I asked her if there was a way to know if I was getting a card because I had my Macy's F & F card that I could use. She told me not to worry about it and come in and she'd give me the PCE discount. She also told me it's random sending for cards/PCE--guess I was just super lucky all the previous times. So I'm going in tomorrow to buy some things and giving my friend my Macy's card. I guess what I'm thinking is that if you have a nice salesgirl she'll be willing to give you the discount without a card. Good Luck!!!