pce, please?

  1. hi! sorry i don't know much about buying coach items, but i was advised to get a pce. if anyone has a pce that they are not using, i would love to take it off your hands! i would like to buy a wallet online and the coach friends said not to buy it without a pce. thanks so much!!! also, if you are not allowed to ask for a pce, i am sorry in advance!!!
  2. You can't use it for online purchases!
  3. ^^ We usually share PCEs but you can't use it to order online. You can only use it when you got into the boutque. If you can visit a boutique and mention PCE you might get the discount though!
  4. ^ great- thanks! do i just say, may i apply the pce of 25%? thanks!
  5. You can say that you heard about the PCE from your friend and wondered if they'd give you the discount too if you made a purchase while in the store. They may say no but you never know! Good luck!
  6. I've always wondered...you know how some SA's are really nice and will look you up if you've forgotten your card, etc? Can't you just use someone's name if you're paying by cash or something?