PCE Part II--Nothing but Kristen

Dec 4, 2006
Great choices! I myself made 4 PCE trips total. I bought a TON This time so I definitely think I need to cool it for the rest of the summer. I got 4 Kristin Pieces and the New Alex Mutifunction tote in black patent as a new work bag.....Kristen has been very addicting!

BTW, I fully support a 4th trip for a large Kristin wristlet!!!


Jul 4, 2008
South Florida
Congrats on your beautiful purchases...I love everything!

You see, now you're making me want to go back and get that opalescent white hobo. I have resisted until now because I'm telling myself I don't need a fourth white bag but man...she is so pretty!


likes giraffes
Sep 16, 2009
Great Kristin haul! The yellow is such a great spring/summer color and the turq wallet is such a pretty color. I am really liking the color of that drawstring hobo. So pretty! What will you carry first?


Feb 11, 2009
Bag Heaven
Well, you may remember that I bought some beautiful bags last week on my first us of my PCE. In case you missed it, here's what I bought:

Well, after getting some much needed advice and recommendations from some of you here, I decided that I couldn't live without getting another Kristen bag in that yummy yellow color. I've absolutely fallen for the large Kristen hobo and hope they come out with other colors in the future. Anyway, here she is...

I also bought a watch and a keyfob, but they had to be ordered. So, I'll be posting a Part III when they get here.

So, after getting the yellow Kristen hobo Friday evening, I saw the Kristen Opalescent Patent Drawstring Largo Hobo and thought about her all night. Hubby said he had no problem with me getting yet another bag, if I returned some of my unused things. I tend to buy keyfobs and scarfs and never use them, so I gathered them up, as well as a mini wallet and a bag I got from the outlet a few months ago. Bottom line, after my returns and the PCE (used for the 4th time!) I got my bag and a few goodies all for $128.00!!!

Here's a group shot of everything (minus the watch and keyfob--which I know I will use because it's going on the yellow hobo!)

Wow, I love everything!!