PCE Order Was Damaged

  1. On Sunday I went in and purchased 2 wristlets with the PCE card. I also was dying for a wallet, the legacy slim frame envelope in chocolate and all they had left was the floor model.

    I am picky and hate floor models, so they suggested that I order it. Since you gals taught me about JAX, I just assumed that's where the order would come from. I ordered a key fob via this store from JAX and the keyfob was awesome.

    The wallet came today, not from JAX, but from a store in Central NJ. When I opened the delivery box, the box on the inside was open and upside down. The gift wrap bow was all messed up. The way it was, the wallet had been scrapping the bottom of the delivery box.

    Also, the brass piece that closes the wallet had what looked like water spots on it. It was basically tarnished like something that was used or old.

    I called my store, they apologized and said I can bring the wallet to the store and I can order another one from another store ( they have none at JAX they are sold out). So that's how I left it for now.

    After I hung up, I realized that I may not want to deal with this and may just want a different wallet that they have in stock. If I get the other wallet, will they have to honor my PCE discount even though they took my card?
  2. Since it is still PCE week and you did have the card, I can't imagine that they would not honor the discount. It would be horrible customer service not to! Sorry about the hassle with the wallet, and I hope you find one you like!