PCE on new Carly colors like Bronze?

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  1. Do you think we can use PCE on the new Khaki and Bronze Carly that is not out yet? Anyone know? Anyone know when the new carly colors will be out in the stores? Thanks!!!!
  2. I was able to use the November one on the new colors so you should be able to. If it isn't in the store yet, you can have them order it for you.
  3. I hope you can because if a PCE fairy gives a card to me I am thinking about getting one. I need a nice every day signature purse.
  4. Hi. So its to ask sa to order on the PCE event and collect it another day when the stock for new season color arrives? Do they do free delivery? TIA!
  5. I asked if they had the khaki/chocolate in the store yet, they said no but they could order it for me. I was able to use the PCE discount with no problem. It was shipped to me like 2 days later from JAX for free :tup:
  6. yeah you can use PCE on anything in the store and anything they can order ! :smile:
  7. they told me they cannot order on colors like beet/saddle. either i make purchase n go back for an exchange later on or i have to take other choice. is this really the case for most people? :crybaby:
  8. The beet is backordered so that would probably be why they can't do it. And I could be wrong, but I believe the saddle is sold out. But if you wanted one of the new colors like chocolate or bronze, they should be able to do it for you.
  9. Oh I dont like Chocolate/Bronze. :sad:

    I heard that there will be new colors like Pink coming up next. ANyone has any idea? Hopefully they will also come up with smaller signature print. Thanks