PCE - Mistaken Identity?

  1. So... I came home a few days ago & the PCE card w/the envelope addressed to me was in the mail... :happydance:

    I don't buy extraordinary amounts of Coach, but I have signed up for the emails & a friend of mine is an SA... so I didn't stop to wonder about it. I went "Cool!" :wlae: and tucked the card in my purse so I wouldn't be w/out it the next time I wandered into the store.

    Yesterday, my SIL laughingly relates how a Coach SA called her cell to remind her about the PCE event.

    I don't know if SIL actually talked the SA or if it was just a voicemail...but here's the kicker... the SA called SIL's cell & used MY first name... :confused1: (SIL changed her name, so we share the same last name... i'm still single).

    So now I'm wondering if the PCE card was supposed to SIL's... and if I'm evil:devil: b/c it just dawned on me that I should've asked if she got a card... although I have read threads saying some of you got the discount w/o the card, so I'm using that to soothe my conscience... :angel:

  2. Go shopping if sil goes into store to shop she can easily say you called but didn't get the card.

    HAVE FUN!!
  3. right and they would give her the discount. or you can both go together and encourage eachother to buy more more more!
  4. If you can go together that would be perfect so you can both use it. Or you can use it and ask them if you can keep it for a second visit (my SA had no problem with that, and she encouraged me to bring friends too). Then you can give the card to your SIL.
  5. If they called her then I believe that means she's on their list and won't need the card. She can tell them it didn't arrive and they'll still give her the discount. Have fun shopping!
  6. Thanks for the advice, ladies! :p

    The reason I was feeling guilty is because i'm going on vacation (Vegas, woo hoo!) in a few days & wanted the card to shop there... the Maui boutiques aren't that big.

    At anyrate.... I went into the living room to find SIL's new LV limited edition "Riveting" bag on the couch... :wtf: , so I doubt my brother will be letting her get anymore goodies for awhile!!
  7. Go together and share it. Equally beneficial for the both of you.