PCE List?

  1. Let me know if this is a repeat thread! Do you have a list of things you are planning to get for the PCE? Here's mine:

    Carly Sig Medium (Gold Trim)
    Legacy leather shoulder zip bag (White)
    Legacy Stipe Wristlet
    Zoe Lurex Clutch

    I'm very interested in many others so who knows what will happen, but if the Carly is there I am getting it and I LOVE all the others... Hopefully I get a PCE card!!!
  2. i hope i can get in on the discount, so if i do get a PCE card (or friendly SA discount) i'll get . . .

    soho pink sig./white trim wristlet
    legacy stripe wristlet
    some keyfob
    and maybe something scribble?
  3. Honestly, I have so many bags in my closet that it doesn't seem fair to bring another into the family right now. If I get a card this time around, I may take it easy. Although I love the ergo totes that some of our pfer's recently purchased.
  4. The only thing left that I really want is either the Molly, Mimi, or Sophia sunglasses in black (I already have the Sofias in tortoise, but I love the black too), the scribble beauty case, and maybe a scarf or two......
  5. I want the:
    -scribble tote, mini skinny, shoes, and pontail scarf
    -Carly demi (don't know what color yet)
    -Signature bag in pear
    -3 or 4 scarves
    I think I'll take it easy this time.
  6. Well, I have two lists. The "Most-likely" list, and the "In my dreams" list.

    For the Most Likely:

    Mimi Sunglasses in Tortoise
    Legacy Stripe iPod case
    Legacy Stripe wristlet
    Large Carly in khaki/angora (not sure if this will be a PCE purchase)

    For the In my Dreams List:

    Mandy Courier in khaki/white
    Legacy French Purse in khaki/white
    Legacy Wristlet in khaki/white
  7. The large Carly in Khaki Angora is not available to be ordered. It is scheduled to be back in stock the first week of April. The only way you would be able to get it is if you back ordered it at one of the stores, which you would not be able to use your PCE card for that.

    I have that bag and Im in love with it...best handbag so far this year!!!
  8. Here's my list:

    Legacy shoulder bag in Pond
    Legacy stripe cosmetic case
    Legacy stripe ponytail scarf
  9. OK - I am drooling over everyone's lists! :OD

    I am hoping to "aquire" a scribble tote, flipflops, cosmetic bag and scarf and the Hamptons Weekend Multifunction tote. ... and if possible I would LOVE to add the Fragrance Print Framed Brush Case and matching ponytail scarf. Those are sooo stinking cute! (not sure though if they will be part of the PCE).

    Have fun shopping everyone.
  10. well...it depends on what we can and can't use it for.

    here's my list:

  11. Slightly OT, but they're supposed to be in stores in April right? I backordered mine and was originally told it should ship from the warehouse around March 14th. I haven't checked, but I hope this hasn't changed......
  12. my list:

    Stripe wristlet in punch
    Scribble wristlet
    Carly wristlet in angora
    C Charm
    Heart Picture Frame Charm
    Perfume print pony tail scarf