PCE Invite

  1. Does the PCE invite card have a serial number or barcode on the back? Thanks gals!
  2. Mine does. I can't remember if they actually scanned it though. I've always been kind of nervous about sharing them for that reason.
  3. I've both used a shared one (Thanks again HighOnHandbags!) and shared one of mine (Hi Wildflower!) I can't remember if they scanned the barcode or not but they were all from different states and nothing has ever been said. :smile:
  4. I don't think the numbers are unique - all cards probably have the same numbers so there is no way to know if any one card has already been used.
  5. They scanned mine but I have no idea if the numbers differ.
  6. Okay, thanks! I thought they didn't... but obviously I was wrong! LOL!
  7. I explained I gave my card to my sister to make her first Coach purchase.
    But..they are going to go ahead and let me use my discount,because they said they can tell by looking in the computer if I got an invitation.