PCE invite?

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  1. So if you haven't received an invite, how do ask for one? Just ask a SA?
  2. They usually arrive a week before the event. If you don't get one just approach your favorite SA and ask if you may please have the discount too. They do it here in NY. I witnessed it with my own two eyeballs. This is how I would do it: Go into the Coach store and select what you want to purchase. When it's time to pay, that's when you ask for the discount. They see for themselves that you are going to spend money and they are very likely to extend the discount to you, too. IF for some reason the SA says no, ask for the manager. Do this in a friendly manner and explain to the manager that you are a loyal Coach customer and would appreciate the discount. It's amazing what can happen if we just open our mouths and ask! I always receive a card and they take it away from me when I make a purchase but if I come back for more they give me the discount again. Good Luck! :smile:
  3. I keep seeing the PCE anagram.

    What does it stand for??
  4. Cool! Thanks for the advice!
  5. PCE is the preferred customer event!
  6. OOOOOooo....and what happens there??:sweatdrop:

    I'm kinda sweatin' because I reaaaaaaaalllly don't need to have my behind in any coach/gucci/D&B/LV event or temptation at.all.

    I just got my Andrea (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it) and I'm waiting for some other packages.

    I don't think I'm going to leave the house today because...I was at the shoppes yesterday and almost walked out with the Mandy in Natural. I really like that color over the whiskey.
    It was calling to me. Only reason I didn't is that I have only have my Andrea in my hand for 1.5 days.:wtf::yes:

    I really :heart: natural Mandy though.
    What's the percentage of the discount for the PCE and when exactly is it. then...I could rationalize that it's okay to get Mandy.:supacool: LOL
  7. when is the PCE?

    i agree with just asking.

    my friend got a 25% off coupon during the holidays, and we forgot it. i really wanted to buy my little sister a swingpack and matching sneakers, so i asked for the manager right away and told her we'd simply forgotten the coupon. they happily gave me the discount, found the items i needed, and sent me on my way. it was great!
  8. The PCE is supposed to be in early June I believe. And for the one who asked how much the discount is, it's 25%.
  9. Have these been mailed out yet?

    I commented my MIL on her new gallery tote today, and after she thanked me she said "Coach sent me a 25% off coupon"

    I know she got one for the March one...but I didn't ask if this was a new coupon or not...
  10. I stopped by the boutique this afternoon to see if the new stuff was out - not until Monday. I did get a peek at the scarf print in the small pouch - it's pretty cute. The green is very soft.

    I asked the SA about PCE in June and she said they hadn't heard the day yet but I told her I'd heard it was around the 8th and that I'd purchased a few things during the last event. She volunteered that if I didn't get a card that they could slip me one at the store.
  11. Oooh! The 8th is my bday. How perfect would that be!!!!:party::party:
  12. The cards won't be mailed out until June. I don't know the exact date but last month my SA said something about the first week - that I would get something in the mail.
  13. so when is the PCE? I heard it started May 22nd, this monday.
  14. The PCE is definitely not this Monday. It should be the second or third week of June from what I'm understanding.
  15. not true :shrugs: